African Paintings In Black And White

best black and white pictures African Paintings In Black And White

best black and white pictures African Paintings In Black And White

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Zebra Beauty IIRealistic Signed Close-Up Painting of a Zebra

The Spirit of AfricaOriginal Ghanaian Abstract Painting in Black and White

Tall and SlenderBlack and White Expressionist Painting of a Woman from Ghana

Dance on the Durbar GroundsMathematical Durbar Festival Original Signed Painting

“I, Diogenis Papadopoulos, was born in Accra on November 20, 1985 to a Greek father and Ghanaian mother. I have a brother and two sisters. My artwork is a product of my intelligence and it grows from a lifetime of experiences, thoughts and emotions.

No one can duplicate them exactly. “I use acrylic paints, canvas, brushes, palette knife and watercolors for my artwork. I am inspired by the things I see, hear, or come across in books, magazines, papers etc.

, I feel motivated when I see other great works of art. “The story of how I became a painter starts at about the age of 10 or 11 years. I liked watching movies at the cinema, and one day I came across a poster advertising a film.

I liked it and wanted to have a copy of it, and I thought that the only way I could own a copy was to draw it. I felt the urge to try and I painted it several times but couldn’t achieve any good results.

I got so angry with myself, broke the pencil and tore the sketchpad. On my way home I met a friend who had a sketchpad of pencil drawings from film posters. I followed him home to and gave it a try. My friend’s house became my second home until I was good at sketching.

After improving my sketching techniques, I went from one cinema to another drawing film posters of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Rambo, etc. I kept practicing every day after school. “After completing my basic education, I enrolled as a student at Ghanatta College of Art and Design and learnt how to paint.

That is how I became an artist. My skills have improved through constant practice. I have taught my craft to many people and continue doing so. Presently I teach senior high students pursuing art. “I think Novica’s mission of making it possible to sell my works to appreciators worldwide is the greatest idea that someone has ever come up with.

Novica is indeed a home for great artists. “To my Novica customers, your patronage will encourage me to come up with greater masterpieces to suit your passion, emotions and taste. My dreams and goals for the future are to become an icon in art who many artists of today and tomorrow, passionate lovers and admirers of art, will look upon as a mentor.

Zebra Beauty IGhanaian Original Signed Painting of an African Zebra

Fragile CradleSigned Original Ink Drawing of Mother and Child

“After improving my sketching techniques, I went from one cinema to another drawing film posters of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Rambo, etc.”

They Can Play AnywayMother and Child Ink Cubist Painting from Ghana

SaxophonistSigned Modern Painting of a Saxophone Player from Ghana

Mother’s Love IIntimate Mother and Child Ink Drawing by Ghanaian Artist

Tree of LifeExpressionist Painting of Healing Tree from Africa

The State of Unconsciousness IFine Art Ink Drawing of Sleeping Woman and Equations

Village LifeSigned Impressionist Painting of a Village from Ghana

Beaded WaistDipo Dancer Painting of Ghanaian Woman’s Rite of Passage

GentlemanOriginal Acrylic Portrait of Man on Canvas from West Africa

The MeetingSigned Freestyle Painting of Fish in Black and White

African Paintings In Black And White