Best Black And White Film For Landscape Photography

best black and white pictures Best Black And White Film For Landscape Photography

best black and white pictures Best Black And White Film For Landscape Photography

Exposed my ilford 100 black and white negative to the clear creek in colorado with a large format camera
The picture was taken of large format camera sinar on film ilford
But when it comes to emphasising textures tones and forms of the landscape there seems nothing like a black and white image to draw out the best in these
Successful landscape photographers working in the u s today he was educated at the ecole des beaux art in paris has a masters degree in fine art
This is your chance to do your thing choose something youre passionate about turn in your best print from a roll of film you shoot around a specific
Black and white photo of jogger shot on ilford delta 400 film
Paul gallagher boardwalk edge
Best black and white pictures improve your black and white landscapes instantly by following one simple rule
In color negative film you might try ektar or fujicolor experia in the lowest iso available both are reputed to have a fine grain structure but again
Siltstone jpg
Best black and white film for landscape photography
Ansel adams photography picture by roon for ansel adams bw photography contest pxleyescom
10 must have film cameras by josh you point the camera landscape all the whistles and bells of 35mm film photography
Contrast filters for black and white portrait photography in my black and white film and white landscape work and teaches photography at
But when it comes to emphasising textures tones and forms of the landscape there seems nothing like a black and white image to draw out the best in these
Wheat field darren rose photography tags undergrowth darrenrose leaf mono branches leaves winterrosephotography
Meditations in monochrome luminous landscape
This atmospheric photograph of sunlight streaming through trees was taken by british photographer fay godwin at parkland woods it is part of the secret
Wooden groynes are shown on a pebble beach in this black and white photograph by fay godwin the location is pett level in east sussex and the photograph
Next up is the film that you use it is important to experiment with different brands to find which suits you the best i always use ilford delta 100

I can’t believe it. I finally won an AR 85/1.8. Now I am whole again. How about …

Tmax 100 or Acros 100. if you want slower than that you need to start looking at the technical films. the grain structure of panf is similar to that of acros anyway, and in my opinion the tonality of acros wins every time. 74 months ago (permalink)

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Thanks folks. @inetjoker, Didn’t mention camera but did say 35mm in the title, Mostly my F3 or XD-11 @ [email protected] Paul Langmead, I tried the CMS 20 about a year ago. Didn’t have a ton of success with the dedicated developer. but my last roll was developed caffinol and it came out superb. Maybe have to try that again. 74 months ago (permalink)

I’m getting ready to develop some PanF+ in Kodak d-76 1:1. I’ve done this befor…

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As always no comment just the photos. Use your imagination and 2 per month.

Been meaning to try the more current – and available, b&w films that are deemed contenders to Kodak Techpan but haven’t yet. Any published tests on this that I can compare to?Used an ISO12233 Reschart arranged 4 wide 4 high using the same 50mm f4 macro lens on both my 14.6MP Pentax K20D and Pentax LX with Kodak Techpan @ ISO25 processed in Technidol. I also “scanned” the film with the K20D at about 4.5 magnification using my Pentax Bellows which looks similar to >8000dpi scan or humongous enlargement. 74 months ago (permalink)

Pan F+ for me, too, at ISO 25 but processed with Perceptol @ 1+2 for 11 min at 72F. This gives all the shadows and highlights for a typical moutain scene out here in the west USA. 74 months ago (permalink)

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Yes, Pan F+ for me too at ISO 50 developed in Adolux APH09 1+50. 74 months ago (permalink)

Film is only part of the equation. Format? Camera? Lens? Other Filters? Tripod? Developer with the film? Shot at what E.I?…. Rule #1… Sticky 2 here… 74 months ago (permalink)

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Without going totally exotic my pick is Pan F+. Gives me the best combination of tones and fine grain. Shot a roll today @ ISO 25 with a green filter and developed it in Tmax 1-5, 75 degrees F (64c) for 3.5 minutes. Nice tones and that combo kept the contrast in check.I like Tmax 100 for cityscapes as it has for my eyes a certain graphic look but not as much for nature. Wondering what your favorite landscape film/developer combo is. Originally posted at 8:16PM, 4 July 2012 PDT (permalink) Austinite3333 edited this topic 74 months ago.

hi guys, just started shooting film. my first roll was developed and scanned by …

Tonality is often more important then resolution. The problem with Technical Pan , CMS 20, ATP1.1, ortho film etc. is to have a good tonality and to tame the contrast of these films.A good regular iso 25 film can be 180lp/mm, ortho around 300lp/mm and micro film over 400lp/mm which is even more then a top Leica or Zeiss lens can handle. But micro film is difficult to handle in harsh light situations, in fact then impossible to get a good tonal range.Going back to CMS 20 it’s an ortho sensitized microfilm with effective 3-6 iso. ATP1.1 (Rollei, in fact from Agfa Gevaert) has extended Red like Kodak Tech Pan but has about the same problems when working with Tech Pan (Kodak). 74 months ago (permalink)

Regular slower then iso 100 B&W films:Ilford PAN F+, Efke 25-50, Rollei PAN 25 (last version = Efle 25). When you want to go slower you’re entering the area of micro type films: Adox CMS 20, Rollei ATP1.1 but then you need special low contrast type developers. You can also look at the Ortho 25 films. But also here you need for landscape photography a lower contrast type developer. 74 months ago (permalink)

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Roelli pan 25 and Acros in rodinal 1:100 74 months ago (permalink)

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If you’re in Europe then the Adox/Efke (I believe 25ASA adox/Efke is the same as the Rollei) film is very nice. CMS20 with their custom Developer. Can be a little contrasty though, as it is a plan film with a special developer. They claim 8000 dpi, and even half of that would be impressive. 74 months ago (permalink)

My opinion is to favour Pan F+ at 50 ASA developed in Rodinal or even Microphen. 74 months ago (permalink)

Your opinion. Best fine grain B&W film for landscape/scenic shots (35mm)

We can’t pick one as we get so many in a day or even hour. So I Ask the memb…

Best Black And White Film For Landscape Photography