Mesmerizing black white african wildlife photography by nick brandt
African wildlife photography by marina cano 4
Black And White African Animal Photography

Black And White African Animal Photography Black And White African Animal Photography

Totti is name of this wanna be alpha male chimpanzee (Pan Pan). This male chimp came down from the canopy to the forest floor with one motive. Desire. A young female chimpanzee is above him in the canopy. Totti is doing his best to entice her away from other males. He poses and gestures and calls in every seductive way possible. But alas to no avail. His advances go un noticed. The female chimpanzee ignores him. Totti the wanna be alpha male chimpanzee. Lies back with hands behind his head and dreams of what could have been.

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This behaviour leads to very intense battles sometimes to the death. 

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I get extremely close to these very wild animals, often within a few feet of them. I don’t use telephoto lenses. This is because I want to see as much of the sky and landscape as possible–to see the animals within the context of their environment. That way, the photos become as much about the atmosphere of the place as the animals. And being that close to the animals, I get a real sense of intimate connection to them, to the specific animal in front of me. Sometimes a deliberate feeling that they’re almost presenting themselves for a studio portrait. -says Nick Brandt.

Laurent Baheux is a French photographer known for high contrast black and white photographs of nature and wildlife. His work is often associated with that of portraitists such as the famous French photography Studio Harcourt.

Younger Bull Elephants will leave the herd as they approach adulthood. They often join with other young bulls. This band of young elephants will learn vital interactions preparing them for adulthood. 

“I think I’m going to get a print of this for my room. Then the chimpanzee and I can dream together ” Gaynor Young

Salvadora is the name I have given this magnificent Lion, His scared face shows the battles and turmoil in the life of a pride male lion has to keep his family and territory safe from rivals.

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Lion portrait, Kenya 2006Complicity, zebra and birds, Kenya 2014Buffalo portrait, Kenya 2006Caravan, Kenya 2013Crocodile, Botswana 2010Cub after the nap, Lion, Kenya 2006Dust explosion, Kenya 2013Elephants family, Kenya 2007Exodus of elephants, Kenya 2013Giraffe in the bush, Kenya 2013Hide-and-seek, Kenya 2013Lion in the grass, Kenya 2013Lion in the wind, Kenya 2013Lioness portrait, Namibia 2004Magic horn, Kenya 2013Need of tenderness, Kenya 2013Race in the Savannah, Kenya 2013Reticulated giraffe shattered, Kenya 2013Rhino portrait, South Africa 2004Rhinos quartet, Kenya 2013

Africa Tribal elders African elders regard them as “the most sacred animal on the African continent”

The growing demand from the Asian market is the main threat to all rhino species. While the southern white rhino is not endangered because of successful conservation efforts, northern white rhinos are on the brink of extinction in the wild and it is possible that they may unfortunately already be extinct.

Trekking a Kalahari Black-maned Lion in his prime across the grass veld of Namibia is a memorable Wildlife experience.

Nick Brandt, photographer from London, is one of the few, who ever considered taking pictures of wild fauna. Opposite to the standard approach on capturing the dramatic single action of the animals, he focuses on the beauty of the static shots in the iconic plains of the East Africa.

I love the simplicity of this image, it allows you to look directly at the Giraffe, no distractions, long eyelashes, the alert ears. The curiosity as two species stares at one another.

There’s one thing I do whilst shooting that I believe makes a big difference: 

Baheux’s work on Africa and wildlife is also featured in various awareness campaigns for conservation and environmental organizations. He is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador for the anti-poaching initiative.

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As a wildlife photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than to be in the presence of such wild animal. Every time I photograph lions I am in awe of their size and the sense of foreboding I feel.  A true predator, no wonder lions are part of the big five.

This African safari photo was taken in a private SouthAfrican game reserve. This Tawny lion had noticed some white lions passing through his territories. H immediately set after the pride of lions. He caught up with the lions and taught them a lesson and chased them off. One tough Tawny Lion against 4 white lions. This black and white lion photograph will make a wonderful wildlife print for your wall space at home. 

When you are alone and in the presence of a Kalahari black mane lion, a primeval fear takes a hold of you. Even though you tell yourself “you’r safe” you can not totally shake this feeling. It’s there lodged in the back of your mind.

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Kalahari lions are the biggest of lions in Africa. Every time when they get close to me and I take the camera from eye to look at these big cats I am in awe of there size and power they exude.

An Etosha Black-maned Lion walks towards a waterhole. I use a long lens to compose this wildlife photo as the lion walks towards me. I can’t help but notice the disheveled look to his mane and his scared face. He is in his prime and he rules this territory.

And when you get that stare that chills you to bone. You know you have captured the essence of this wonderful predator.

Soon a big herd of elephants arrive within 20 meters of the hide. At my disposal isa 600mm telephoto lens. With this dilemma of too much lens .I decided to concentrate on getting close up shots of the elephants, the tusk, the eye, tail ,and this “Big foot”. 

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There is something reaffirming when on observing the behaviour of Elephants. These Elephants are protecting their young against a perceived threat. It is so easy to attach human emotions to their behaviour but to be honest we as a race could probably be learn and benefit from the tolerance and respect that show to each other.

This is one of my favorite wildlife prints of elephants. I love elephants, I think most people do. So I was a bit frustrated when after a week I could not find this herd. It was on my last day of safari when I came upon them. I was annoyed as I could see from a distance they were just leaving a waterhole. But it turned out to be a very serendipitous moment as they turned and walked in my direction, The waterhole was at higher vantage point than I was. Which meant I could bet this unique point of view. *

Cape Buffalo is a subspecies of African Buffalo are extremely dangerous animals, they have been nicknamed, “Black Death” They have killed more “Big Game Hunters” than any other animals. Both male and female have horns and grow up to 4 feet in width, the middle of the horn is called the “Boss’. They can grow up to 6 feet in height and 1,500lbs.

There is nothing more satisfying than photographing a big Kalahari Black mane Lion and his coalition male partner walking straight towards you. 

The Deadly Dance of Stallion Zebras as Fight over the Rights to Females

This is one my favorite monchrome fine art Giraffe prints. I sometimes struggle composition wise with giraffes. But on this particular day the Giraffes were wonderful models. Each Giraffe seem to have his or her own signature pose. A portrait photographer could not have wished for more. Needless to say I was so thankful. I had the easy job of clicking the shutter.

Most afternoons this Old Black Rhino would amble towards his favorite watering hole. He never seemed perturbed by our presence. It is a wildlife photographers dream to have such a dangerous animal so close and relaxed in your presence. This allowed me to create this wonderful portrait as he kick ups dust to cover his midden after marking his territory. 

Mapungubwe game reserve. 6am ,Its very cold. The day has not started well.I am sitting at a hide hoping to get images of Mapungubwes elusive wildlife.  I have forgottenmy flask of coffee and then a sudden realization that I also forgotten my short lens. To say I was a little irritated would be an understatement. 

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Dramatic Black And White Photos Of African Wildlife By Laurent Baheux

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This was not by accident or a coincident but by observing and predicting behavior.

Mesmerizing Black & White African Wildlife Photography by Nick Brandt

The first White Lions were found by a researcher in the Timbavati area of the Kruger National Park. 

The stallion zebra will defend his family to the death. He leads from the front. If he thinks there is danger lurking he will stop and wait in front of his zebra herd. His family of Zebra will not move unless he does. 

Breeder Abandoned 5-Month-Old Pomeranian Because He Was “Too Big”, They Probably Regret It Now

Burchells Zebras or Plains Zebras number in there tens of thousands in Etosha National Park. They need to drink water at least twice a day. The zebras arrive in small family clusters at the same time. This gives them safety in numbers and chance for rivals to steal a daughter or two. 

Zebra stallions testing each other’s strength in a beuatiful but deadly dance  

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It was so hard to describe the excitement tinged with fear as the magnificent African predator walks towards with you.

Tawny Lions colouring is slightly more yellow/tawny than other Southeast African lions. This could be due to the environs they live in, adapting to the heat and vegetation. The Kalahari Lions have darker manes and tend to be heavier in weight.

When you are a few meters from this killing machine and hispredatorily eyes lock with yours ,you will be chilled to the bone.

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This majestic animal once was the bane of a forefathers who lived on this land. They created kraals around there dwellings to keep there families and livestock safe .

Zebras have keen sense of smell and hearing and they are strong runners too. They are the favorite prey of lions. 

Then its a matter of waiting for that magical moment to happen. 

This is one of my best selling black & white fine art wildlife prints and thats all down to this wonderful giraffe family. Thank you..

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