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Black And White Film Photography Courses

Black And White Film Photography Courses Black And White Film Photography Courses

– I’m Konrad Eek, a photographer and framer, and what I’d like to share with you in this course is how to get the magic out of this box. We’re going to explore the entire process of film, from the shooting, to the processing, to the eventual output that gives you a positive image for your efforts. I want to start by going through some of the gear that’s available, the different cameras and the different formats of film that you might choose. Then we’ll talk about the techniques involved in shooting film, because they are different from what you use in digital capture in some ways.

This course is for those who have film cameras – including Fujifilm Instax camera. Classes will cover everything you need to know to get started — loading your camera, camera settings, color management, grain, hands-on shooting, shooting and processing special effects, and the basics of how and where to send your photos to be processed and printed. Course also includes, by students’ request, a demo of darkroom printing. But there will be no darkroom printing during class, due to space limitations. 6-hour workshop.

Darkroom classes: are taught by way of private one on one sessions. Please speak with your instructor. Note: Group classes are not offered. For any other questions, call us on 212 929-3302. If you are looking to learn film photography without the use of a darkroom, we recommend our regular private classes.

(Black and White Photography (2 Sessions): 08/22-08/29. 08/22 at PhotoManhattan)_

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We’ll take some time out in the field to actually capture images, where I can demonstrate the techniques that you might use to make your black and white photography better. We’ll bring our exposed film back into the kitchen, and do the process to get that film transferred from latent images trapped in emulsion on a layer of plastic into black metallic silver that can actually be used to create an image. We’ll look at scanning those negatives to create digital output, but we’ll also do a really quick exploration of darkroom technique so you can see the process of making an enlargement from a 35 millimeter negative.

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Students are required to have/bring a 35mm SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Film Camera; please check your camera batteries or bring a spare to ensure your camera is in working order PCNW will provide one roll of 35mm film per student to shoot and paper for printing in the darkroom during the workshop

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Each course comes with 1 Free make up class – schedule your makeup class hassle-free anytime. And free 24-hour cancellation.

(Black and White Photography (2 Sessions): 11/29-11/30. Intensive!11/29 at PhotoManhattan)_

1 Free Make up class per course. And, Free 24-hour cancellation.

Film Photography (3 Sessions): Sep 22-Oct 06, Saturdays 3:30 PM-5:30 PM.

Topics include: Exploring film formats, lenses, and cameras Loading films Shooting black-and-white film Working with colored filters and film Chemically processing film Scanning and storing film Enlarging film in a makeshift darkroom

Aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, and ISO: how do they work together? Metering and shooting with a 35mm film camera Film processing: how to turn exposed film into negatives for printing film developing chemistry, and how it works Making a contact sheet in the black and white darkroom

(Film Photography (3 Sessions): 11/30-12/14. 11/30 at PhotoManhattan)_

Skills covered in this course Cameras + Gear Black and White Photography Scanning

I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Analog Photography: Shooting & Processing Black-and-White Film

Black and White Photography (2 Sessions): Aug 22-Aug 29, Wednesdays 6:00 PM-9:00 PM.

FACULTY PCNW Instructor DATES Select one from the following:October 13, 2018 | Sat 12:30-5:30pmJanuary 13, 2019 | Sun 12:30-5:30pm TUITION $135 | Payment & Refund Policy LEVEL Foundation PREREQS None; students must have a 35mm SLR Film Camera

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Photographers shoot film for its unique look; its constraints, which require discipline and careful self-editing; and the simple fact that developing film is fun and gratifying. And you don’t need a darkroom to do it.

In this course, photographer and master printer Konrad Eek provides an introduction to the pleasures of shooting and processing black-and-white film. The course begins with a look at gear and film cameras, which are inexpensive and widely available at thrift stores and secondhand shops.

Next, we accompany Konrad on a photo shoot in the mountains of Arkansas, where he demonstrates important concepts such as metering and the use of filters.Upon returning home, Konrad processes the film, explaining the chemicals involved and sharing insights for getting reliable results.

He also describes the negative-scanning process. Finally, to whet your appetite for the other facets of film-based photography, he demonstrates the process of making a silver-gelatin enlargement and offers up some tips on building your own darkroom.

(Film Photography (3 Sessions): 09/22-10/06. 09/22 at PhotoManhattan)_

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Film Photography (3 Sessions): Nov 30-Dec 14, Fridays 5:30 PM-7:30 PM.

DESCRIPTION Go from camera to darkroom in just five hours. Start off by shooting a roll of Black and White film on your 35mm camera, learning how aperture, shutter speed and depth of field will affect your results. Then learn how to process your film and obtain negatives for printing. Move into the darkroom and begin your introduction to the basics of printing by making a contact sheet and selecting an image to start working with. This workshop is focused on shooting and processing film, with a basic introduction to working in the darkroom. Students looking to expand their printing experience in the darkroom should consider our Crash Course in B&W Printing – another one-day workshop devoted to hands-on experience in the darkroom.

Black and White Photography (2 Sessions): Nov 29-Nov 30, Thursday & Friday 2:00 PM-5:00 PM. Intensive!

(Black and White Photography (3 Sessions): 10/20-11/03. 10/20 at PhotoManhattan)_

OCT 13, 2018 – Crash Course in B&W Film Photography – $135.00 USD JAN 13, 2019 – Crash Course in B&W Film Photography – $135.00 USD

Black and White Photography (3 Sessions): Oct 20-Nov 03, Saturdays 12:15 PM-2:15 PM.

This course is for both digital or film camera users. It is a thorough entry into the world of black-and-white photography, covering the principles of B&W (the zone system, iconic photographs and the masters of B&W), hands-on shooting, lighting techniques and post processing that will make your B&W photos stand out, whether you use film or digital cameras. 6-hour workshop.

If you are looking for film photography classes in NYC, or a Black & White photo course, look no further! Having one of the last available darkrooms in Manhattan, we are able to teach analog photography, the basics of printing, black-and-white photography and all of the fundamentals in one place.

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Darkroom rental: Our darkroom is currently under renovation. However, it can be used for hourly rentals for film processing and printing, so you can also get plenty of practice on your own.

Alternative Processes & History of Photography (Teen Workshop) – Summer 2018

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