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best black and white pictures Black And White Film Photography Forums

best black and white pictures Black And White Film Photography Forums

Postem if ya gotim sometimes you discover you are not the only one around with a camera f6 70 300 sigma os neopan 400 orange filter mcat
First time shooting 35mm film
Please ignore the exif data as i used the nikon to scan the black and white negatives these are shot with a variety of cameras mostly m leica and
No exif data
Some street film
This is it sunny 16 rules street film photography is very liberating if you like freedom bellows and ts are shackles of creativity imo
00e5qb 564776384 jpg
Some people have been saying that they think the canon 550d autofocus is not good enough for action shots with the below picture what do you think
Scanned film from hasselblad 503 cxi with 50mm lens and acros 100 film digital manipulation in photoshop to put exposure where i want it
Quoted image
Any photo on bw film folks 00ekrn 567477084 jpg
Early shopper
Any photo taken with bw film new or old 00dzqv 563653584 jpg
Image https c1 staticflickr com 1 511
I think i rushed the photoflo not giving the film a long rinse after the hardener fixer but instead just putting in photoflo in immediately after fixing and
00c7lk 23371184 jpg
Any photo on bw film 00e4aw 564538484 jpg
The secrets of mono film
Walked around waikiki before work and finished a roll of film

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