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Shooting film amazing multiexpo film photography project by frank machalowski

Black And White Film Photography Projects

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Black And White Film Photography Projects.

Photographer: Sarah Berger When it comes to fashion and portrait photographer there’s something to be said about a properly lit image, even using a low-key look. Brilliant image, perfect in b/w, and has that great film-noir feel to it.…

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Hello everyone and thanks for having me here. I’m UK based photographer and arti…

I have an ongoing project to make photographs in the cafes of East London

In looking through some boxes of old darkroom stuff yesterday, I ran across the …

Hi Everyone, Holga Week 2015 runs from July 20-26 (next week!) I hope those …

I’m currently working on a “UNDER THE STREETLAMPS” series Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Blia100 edited this topic 82 months ago.

I’m still shooting the 365, even if I haven’t posted anything from it for a while. Hopefully I’m going to have some time to myself this evening and I shall be able to develop another roll. Originally posted 80 months ago. (permalink) BeccaG edited this topic 80 months ago.

They look great, can I feature your project on the bwfp blog? Originally posted 79 months ago. (permalink) BeccaG edited this topic 79 months ago.

Thanks Garth! I have more images to upload from that series, as soon as I scan them in. It’s a great, and fun project! Just need to find more willing participants.. 82 months ago (permalink)

Speaking of my Kodak set..I have just one more set of images to take and add to this.I need to bring my Kodak Duaflex IV to the land that it was built on. Put a roll of Kodak Verichrome PAN through it, and maybe even shoot my only roll of Kodachrome film … Of course process as a B/W.. The plant that helped put out the K14 chemicals, and built such cameras as the Duaflex series, and Six-20 Jrs….it will be a fitting set of images to mark the end of a Photography Giant..It’ll almost represent the legacy coming Full Circle…. Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Blia100 edited this topic 82 months ago.

Keep at Becca. I attempted ‘a picture a day’ project some years ago, and gave up after three months. It gradually became more difficult finding subjects which I had not taken before. Well done so far and the very best of luck!My project is the same as it’s always been – to take the perfect picture, or even get near to it. I know it’s there all around, but I haven’t yet SEEN it. It may sound silly, but I am highly self-critical. If I do find it, it won’t be in colour and certainly not digital. 80 months ago (permalink)

After about 50+ years of photography, I am in the process of digitizing thousands of film and print images, both BW and Color. Many are for family archives and others are business related (as weddings), and others are personal art. The print scanning is very fast and I’ve got this down to where I am not having to do to much adjustment in Photoshop. Film is more time consuming and often requires tonal adjustments and dust spotting.This is a photo using a 4×5″ print scan taken in the 1980’s of the front end of an REO Speedwagon. Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) todd frederick photo edited this topic 82 months ago.

Photographer: Dan Grenier Part of the Spring 2012 FPP & Sharp Photo 8×10 Print Exchange.

Photographic Projects? Hell, yes! I’m condensing all of my computer repair stuff, ditching a lot, and setting up my b/w darkroom again, in the same room. BIG project! Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) jpr_me edited this topic 82 months ago.

Curious if any in the group are using two-bath developers. I use primarily Barr…

I am working an alphabet project, whereby I shoot in B&W letters isolated in the street 82 months ago (permalink)

A few weeks ago I did a photo essay about my dog.The subject matter may be a bit trivial but I wanted to get out of of a slump I was in photographically.

Tom, looks good!Larry – Bug George 🙂 I want some of that film, it looks fun! 79 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Jonas Nilsson Celebrating Winter light with this image by Jonas Nilsson! Shot on Pentax mx / Pentax-m 50mm f1.7 / Yellow filter / Kodak Tri-X / Home processed in  Xtol 1:1 8 / 45min / 2014-12-31 Jonas on Flickr – Kodak TriX…

I think it is Kaput Larry… Not that I care, I will use Ilford instead! :Dn/m – Checked the Kodak…or right from the Kodak website on the same page, and shot on a Hassleblad.. Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Blia100 edited this topic 82 months ago.

OK I started as project. I have 400 feet of ORWO N74+ film and I am figuring it out in every developer I own. 79 months ago (permalink)

Stand development Q: What is it? A: it is the use of a highly dilute dev…

Nope Kodak still makes it I just checked. U.S. and Canada it is sold 5 packs only. 82 months ago (permalink)

^ Sounds like fun! But I don’t think Donna’ll do Nudes ;)Not that I haven’t tried… :p Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Blia100 edited this topic 82 months ago.

You got what, 60 days in? 🙂 heheh.. 72 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Alessio Liquori Yashica Fx-3 super 2000 + Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f1.4 + Kodak T-Max 400 Flickr member Terry Sims commented: “Sharing the gossip across the generations, well observed Alessio.” Allessio responded: “Thank you Terry. We were in my…

Right now it seems like my project is to figure out a good development time for HP5+ in Rodinal 1+50. Seems like 11 minutes is undercooking the negs a little! 82 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Kostya Jonaitis Kostya shot this image on mamiya rb67 /  ilford delta 400 He lives in Saint-Petersburg. Russia Kostya’s Flickr page –

Photographer: Mike Vogt Part of the Spring 2012 FPP & Sharp Photo 8×10 Print Exchange.

I have two projects for 2012: 1) Shoot the sunrise over Columbia, SC from the Lake Murray Dam on the equinoxes (spring, and fall), and soltices (summer, winter). I thought of the project after I shot the first sunrise of 2012 over Columbia, SC from the dam. 2) Shoot the full moons of 2012. I missed the “Full Wolf Moon” in January since I thought of the project this past weekend.My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is to shoot film exclusively in B&W. 80 months ago (permalink)

Well having been born in the capital of Canada (Toronto), this will be quite the adventure. I love the steel mills at night… looks like Bladerunner. 71 months ago (permalink)

For 5 years now I have been documenting abandoned buildings on both B&W and color film (though mostly B&W) In fact, I only shoot abandoned buildings (and the occasional cat snapshot) so just take a peek at my sets which are organized by location and developing method. 82 months ago (permalink)

I am spending my remaining days shooting film not moderating. Thanks.

That’s 60 days published, there are still 4 rolls waiting to be developed. I managed August through to January. 71 months ago (permalink)

‘ve been working on a project called “Abandoned America” using Kodak bw400cn. Now that that is no longer in production in 120 format I recently purchased Fuji Neopan Acros an i am going to give that a shot.

I have a long running project doing pop photography – on stage – with film cameras and (ultra) wide angle lenses. 71 months ago (permalink)

Hamilton… The stink of Ontario 🙂 I wouldn’t say the equivalent to Pittsburgh. At least Pittsburgh has a decent football team :)I’ve been wanting to shoot the steel mills for ages. 71 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Jeffrey Ideta Jeffrey shot this wonderful Honolulu Hawaii landscape with his Nikon S2 / Nikkor c 3.5cm on Eastman 5363 / Home processed in Xtol 1:1 12.5m Heffrey’s favorite film cameras are favorite cameras: Nikon D600 Nikon S2 Rolleiflex…

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This is not so much a particular project, but an ongoing sub-hobby within my photographic exploits: 1940s vintage re-enactments.I got into this in 2009 with brand-new quality film and modern-ish cameras.Kodak BW400CN: Ilford HP5 Plus: I felt that modern film is ‘too good’ – low grain and very high sharpness. Then I discovered period-correct vintage cameras and started to knock the focus out a bit.Ilford FP4 Plus Then I decided to use uncoated glass and old-school film – brand-new today you can buy Kodak Tri-X , Fomapan and what I use – Adox CHS.Adox CHS 100 Art: My Rolleiflex was made in 1938, yet people forget how good the German optics were for the time. Put some effort into nailing your focus accurately and you can come up with: It has to be said that nailing a composition with nobody in the frame dressed in modern attire is a challenge in itself, but part of the fun!edited for spelling corrections Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) GarthMaul edited this topic 82 months ago.

Tomorrow I start my Hamilton North End photo project. This is a hugely neglected area of the city of Hamilton, Ontario (Canada’s equivalent to Pittsburgh). It’s been photographed before so I don’t think I’m breaking new ground except for myself. Shooting 35. 71 months ago (permalink)

Guest blog by Mark O’Brien Back in December, I received a surprise package in the mail from the Film Photography Project.  Three rolls of Eastman 5363 b&w to try out.  Now, FPP’s Mike Raso must know that I have…

I’m trying to get a mist project going. thinking I might have to get up early in the morning to make more progress…

I see this topic has rejuvenated itself. Personally, I need a topic and I find there are plenty out there to choose from. I’ve just finished my 2012 ‘River Severn Bridges’ project, and doing so has opened my eyes to other subjects. Some bridges are being re-visited as I’m not satisfied with the first shots, but I probably never will be!Being retired and I living in a beautiful part of the World, it’s easy to nip out into the hills and find some brilliant landscapes. I thought about a subject based on this but decided against it as it’s not challenging enough.So I’m still thinking about a 2013 project; I was considering doing something in colour, but that’s now been ruled out.I hope to see Becca’s ‘365’ project continue to it’s conclusion; I’m sure it’s very challenging. Good luck! 72 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Adam Garelick Dan Domme’s comments: The geometries in this shot are amazing.  The Planetarium reminds me of some sleeping alien behemoth being studied by scientists who built an encompassing scaffolding.  At once both beautiful and foreboding. Adam Garelick on Flickr:[email protected]/…

Photographer: ihavenowords FPP listener John (ihavenowords on Flickr) says: “Hi. I’ve been listening (to the FPP show) for about 3 years after getting a serious film habit about 9 years ago, and I love the camera talk (though I should confess…

^^^ If I can get some Kodak 400 CN in 120, oh hell yeah! 82 months ago (permalink)

Well My projects are many. today it was paying my rent. 🙂 But you know me everyday I tend to try something different. Mixing developers to make the perfect developer has been my thing for the last few weeks. 82 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Jason Benning (Flickr Handle: jbenning) Part of the Spring 2012 FPP & Sharp Photo 8×10 Print Exchange.

I suppose the only real thing I could call a project would be my photos from work. I work in a Zoo and theres always plenty going on, so I try and keep a camera with me most of the time. It’s an on going thing that I can keep going on with as long as I still work there! A small portion can be seen in my Work Life[email protected]/sets/72157625331305580… 82 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Victor Anthony (victorsez) Canadian poet, musician, writer, sailor and occupier. Dan Domme’s commentary: An excellent character portrait.  Simple setup with an Olympus Trip 35 loaded with Ilford’s XP2 film, which is developed in C-41 chemistry.  A good example…

If one scans the color film it can than be converted (and manipulated) into BW. …

I’m planning to shoot at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC, at several points throughout the year. I went on Jan. 7, 2012, and hope to go back at least once every 3 months. I shot Rollei Retro 80S with my Rolleiflex, so I’ll probably stick to that film/camera combination for the sake of consistency. I’m looking for the challenge of spotting seasonal differences in a place with which I will become increasingly familiar. 80 months ago (permalink)

This may be the wrong group to post this in, but thought I would try it anyway, …

Yep I most likely will sell it also. 82 months ago (permalink)

Sign up for a free account, or sign in (if you’re already a member).

Just found this page – it lists how to make the old Perfection XR-1 developer. …

Well, I would definitely like to feature these projects on the blog. I’d really like to start with Mike’s Kodak No.9, if that’s okay with Mike.Do you have anything to say about the project that I can quote on the blog? 82 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Alex Luyckx Alex shot this awesome image on Svema Super Positive BW Slide Film. It’s an iso 0.8 film! Alex says: “What else do you do with ultra slow film, but play in rough weather with lots of…

My project at the moment is getting stuff in my life sorted out so I decided to photograph none of it. As for my photography well it is all my recent project. If I awake and want to go take pictures I will. If I do and don’t well that is my project but the best project I have had is getting ready to sell it all off but 3 cameras on ebay. 82 months ago (permalink)

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I went to Phuket, Thailand last october for a school B&W film folio assignment. I had to print and mount 20 images and submit them to my lecturers in to weeks. 82 months ago (permalink)

Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Dave Dunne edited this topic 82 months ago. Dito Nyc says:

Photographer: Kevin Pazmino A Fleeting Heart © Kevin Pazmino 2013 All Right Reserved Efke R100 127mm Film Taped to ANR 120mm Glass from Better Scanning Rolleiflex “Baby” 4×4 Black circa 1960’s Schneider Xenar 3,5/60mm For those die hard Baby…

What a great idea – very inspiring! 82 months ago (permalink)

Man, why can’t I find it? I will have to send an EMAIL to my local supplier and find out HM per 5 pack…I’d like to try it! My Kodak project was a great success, I think… In case anyone is interested in seeing it.. (those that have visited, thank you! 82 months ago (permalink)

HAHAH! Capital of Canada … Nice! Anyway, that’s where I call home too, and agree.. It looks freakin’ awesome! Especially when making the trek over the Skyway! @Becca – Well, you just needed 10 rolls of film (+1 for the last 5).. 🙂 But I did see that.. cameras with issues, and the such.. Plus, mom time, and life in general… combined with a partaking of various beverages, and hoping not to suffer the next day 🙂 Just like RIAD… Repent.. repent! The end is nigh!! 🙂 71 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Donovan T M Another great square format image – clean, simple, and the best feature is the water drops running down the windows. The Black and White only adding to the dreary wet mood this photo evokes. You can see…

Photographer: Adam Doe Part of the Spring 2012 FPP & Sharp Photo 8×10 Print Exchange.

Photographer: Nano_Burger Frequent FPP contributor Dan (Nano_Burger on Flickr) captures the moment on a girls soccer field using Fuji HR-II sprockless(!) bw microfilm. Shot in his Canon EOS 10s since this is one of the few cameras that can shoot film…

I was just wondering if any of you fabulous people were working on any photographic projects using black and white film. If so I’d really love to see and hear about them.I’ve been working on a black and white film 365 for the past few months and have been keeping up with it (bar a few hiccups). Although it’s not always easy, I have been really enjoying the discipline of taking a couple of shots every day.So let’s see what you’ve got.[Warning: some of these may or may not get featured on the blog. If you don’t wish your project to be featured then please mention this in your post] 9:19AM, 3 November 2011 PDT (permalink)

Photographer: Tony Kemplen Taken during the Film Photography Podcast London meet on 9th June 2012. The camera is the Baby Rolleiflex that I first used in week 23 of my 52 film cameras in 52 weeks project:…

these past nights ive been going out shooting NYC Street scenes on Trix 35mm (think abandoned streets,tripod usage)…and aside from that, in my other camera i have been shooting portraits on HP5, 35mm as well…those are 2 of my many projects,lol Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Dito Nyc edited this topic 82 months ago.

I’m not sure I’d class this one as a formal project, but I’m trying to record the plants and buildings I see every day on my walk to the office, using different films and developers. Pretty much 90% of the pictures I’m taking fall into this category. 82 months ago (permalink)

Photographer: Jonny Taulen Clean, simple, and minimal. I love the volume of negative space in this image and even the b/w only adds to this wonderful winter photo. Reminds me of what winter should be. You can view more…

alt=”emimage-flickr-19705164604″ width=”500″height=”328″ class=”size-full wp-image-1324″ /> Photographer: John Fedele FPP Guy John Fedele loaded some Kodak BW400cn in his trusty Minolta X-700 and snapped this crisp, scary portrait!

Post your most popular (b/w/ & and;film) picture in here! BLACK WHITE AND FIL…

Well, I’ve started a new project called “What’s For Dinner..” Which is here I am photographing meals that i am preparing, whether it is a small meal, like bacon and eggs, or a larger more extravagent meal… like Salmon Steaks with baked potatoes, roast beef & mash, or whatever else I fancy :)Err, of course, it’s not just Dinner, but it’s what I’m calling my project :)And this is photo #1 from the project.. Originally posted 72 months ago. (permalink) Blia100 edited this topic 72 months ago.

i did my first year B&W film & print school assignment in thailand last year. these images are scanned from my prints with my cheap multi purpose epson scanner. my wet prints are pretty average, much improvement needed. I scored 14/20 my two lecturers for my set of 15 images. I’m hoping to do better next time.

This year my main project was a Series called “Women and Cameras” coupling models with vintage cameras, with prints done in either cyanotype or Van Dyke Brown.I have recently started a new project called “Broken” featuring people posing in a studio setting with broken objects.I am also about to start a series of Art nudes, done in a studio setting, using infrared film, and printed (hopefully) using the Lith print technique. 82 months ago (permalink)

, your alphabet project is a terrific idea — I may do that and put together a picture book for my grandson. 🙂 82 months ago (permalink)

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I failed to complete. A loss of a relative and all my manual camera’s dying on me didn’t help my motivation. However, I do have 4 rolls to develop and add to it.However, I did get further than I have ever managed to before with a 365 project. Maybe the next attempt I’ll actually finish a 365. Originally posted 72 months ago. (permalink) BeccaG edited this topic 71 months ago.

I have two projects for 2012: 1) Seasonal Change Sunrises: Photograph the sunrise over Columbia, SC, USA from the Lake Murray Dam on the equinoxes and solstices 2) Photograph the full moons of 2012. I started this project after January’s Full Wolf Moon.I am using black & white film exclusively in 2012. 79 months ago (permalink)

For the past several years, on and off, I’ve been shooting tattooed women in black & white. A sample is below, but you can see many more here: Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) f6point3studio edited this topic 82 months ago.

Hey, guys, please help me out – I’m having a major brain fart. I’ve been using …

Paul If you are shooting it at 400 that may be the problem I rate HP5+ at 250-320 in Rodinal any dilution. So to get box speed add one minute make it an even dozen. 🙂 80 months ago (permalink)

I’m having an issue that is, frankly, driving me mad. Some, not all, of my imag…

Just had a quick look at all the places where I usually buy my film from and can only find it in 35mm.Back on topic, loving all the projects people. 82 months ago (permalink)

Hey, go for it Becca!Actually, as for saying anything about it.. Okay, lets see…It was definitely an eye opener. My wife worked there back in 2003 through to 2005, shortly before it started to pack up and close. In 2005, Kodak announced they would be closing the doors to Kodak Heights for good, as it was outsourcing the work over seas, and on the other side of the country. I believe it was a cost cutting measure, but sadly it also meant the loss of more then 800 jobs.In the late 70s, Kodak Heights employed nearly 5000 employees, and was one of the main chemical manufacturing plants in North America. Nahanni Whiskey, and he can attest to this, was one of the many that would drop off his Kodachrome films for processing at this very building. The Kodak #9 building was the office, and film processing facility, where as the outlying buildings, now nothing more then piles of gravel today, were the main chemical plants. They were also one of the main suppliers of B&W Photo paper, both Kodak, and even ILFORD branded paper. (My wife worked in the B&W Photo paper packing centre). It was quite the site to see late at night, the lights blazing, trucks entering and exiting at all hours. From flatbeds to tankers and other various delivery trucks. The day the plant closed, it was like the place had turned into a ghost town, for it was pretty much a town in its hayday! The lights were out, and the roads were and land was forever silenced. Like a blot in the city, where light once shone like a photographic beacon, it is now an eerie place to look at. The remaining #9 building, scheduled for future development and restored, is now a destination for firebugs (as it has been torched repeatedly), vandals, local graffiti artists, and Urban Archeological photographers, myself included. Like a skeleton sentinel, standing and watching over, silently, the lands that once were bustling. Now looking like a graveyard… overgrown with weeds, and pitted with holes, like open tombs, from the excavation of the old chemical tanks. The guard booth is now a burned and collapsed wreck.This adventure into the life of what once was a photographic giant, was both insightful and eye opening, and sadly depressing. As Kodak slips further and further down the spiral into the abyss of despair and desperation, selling their digital trademarks and patents, photographers new and old will feel the impact of this once Photographic giant, when it falls. Now grasping at straws to stay afloat, its barely on its knees as the Digital world spills the blood that Kodak failed to see seeping through its wounds. Unlike Chrysler and GMC, there will be no Government bail-out. As Corporate America is split asunder by the people, perhaps the CEO’s at the Emperor of Light Painting will get the hint, and be able to pull themselves out of the pit before it is too late.*Of course you can easily sum it up into a few words 🙂 Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Blia100 edited this topic 82 months ago.

These are all exactly the things I was looking for/hoping for/expecting. Thank you all.I shall answer you all properly when I’m sober.Larry, paying rent is just part of the project called life, so that is good too. 82 months ago (permalink)

Originally posted 82 months ago. (permalink) Rich Klein Photography edited this topic 82 months ago. f6point3studio says:

Superior Ideas These advanced tips are to help you look previous all the basic ideas which cowl most facets of photography. The digital camera gear, gear and accessories are things that make it easier to take better photographs. The following tips are there that will help you gain deeper knowledge , taking a look at a potential message, expertise or emotion you wish to portray. This text helps the place and when to make use of things resembling micro-contrast. Also easy methods to successfully use and place the blackest areas of the photograph in relation to the mid-tone gray areas. Your photographs will benefit immensely.

How To Make an Image Black and White in Photoshop & Lightroom All cameras, aside from the Leica M Monochrom, take photos in colour. If you would like a black and white picture , then it`s worthwhile to convert the colour to a monochrome state. There are a lot of methods you are able to do this, however only a few will give you the best possible high quality and tonal range. Read our article right here on the right way to make an image black and white, without dropping quality , element or different important factors.

Publish -Processing Black and White Photography All digital enhancing software for Mac, PC, smartphone or Android presents a conversion from color to black and white. Unless you took a colour photograph , transformed it into black and white in a non- destructive manner , you can not revert it. The information is not there. There are lots of ways to convert to black and white, some of which are non- damaging ( means that you can go back to color for those who like) however only some methods the place you can convert the picture properly. This article tells you what it is best to or shouldn’t be doing to get essentially the most out of your photographs.

Easy methods to Edit Photos on Cellular Now that we have looked primarily at DSLRs, let’s turn our consideration in the direction of cellular photography. Shooting along with your cell is fast and simple , and now converting and processing your photos into black and whites is no extra difficult. This text reveals you how you can utilize an app to turn those images into something really dramatic.

Tips on how to Handle Photos in Put up - Manufacturing Working with black and white images is not the same as working with color – each have totally different focuses and need different areas of attention. The Black and White pictures can profit from colours. Including yellow into the image using a colour mixer can affect the detail in the sky. This brings out characteristics in an in any other case overexposed segment of the image. Also , tweaking of contrasts and highlights can have very dramatic ends in a Black and White photograph.

Issues to Contemplate When Modifying Black and White Pictures When it comes right down to the enhancing of your photographs , the hardware could be just as vital because the software program you use. Your pc monitor may have a color management system that will show your images otherwise to the color management of the printing. Also , where you edit the images can be necessary , creating colour casts that change the way you see our images. You might think that black and white photos is not going to be affected, however they still use colour info within the gray , mid-tone areas of your work. Whatever you will be doing along with your pictures as a final product, be it a e-book or an exhibition, all of them want different treatments.

The best way to Use Tonal Contrast with Pictures The tonal range in black and white photography is likely one of the most vital things to focus on. The vary is principally the diploma of how brilliant or how dark components of your image are. The larger the tonal vary , which means the extra darkish and light-weight areas there are, the extra impressive the image. Although contrast works well in each color and black and white, the latter wants it more to face out and make a long-lasting impression.

10 Ideas for Utilizing Luminosity Masks in Digital Mixing Luminosity masks are a function in Photoshop that helps you isolate areas of a high light depth in the photograph ’s pixels. With these alternatives , you can select areas of the photograph and solely work on specific tones, not the whole image. These are great to help enhance the main focus and look of a specific object in your frame. This article offers you an amazing rundown, from creating the masks to the finished image.

Methods to Transition From Taking to Making the Photograph Ansel Adams stated , “You don’t take a photograph , you make it”. This guide takes you through many ideas. Trying on the primary elements , what makes a terrific photograph and how to make it into a last , polished print. Focusing on the essential ideas and continuing to determine , isolate and control the elements will help your photographic confidence.

The best way to Edit Black And White Photographs in Lightroom Lightroom is among the finest tools on the market to help you get the perfect from your photography. It is straightforward and quick to pick -up and might help with your workflow. Presets are an effective way to get very spectacular images. They`re also fast and simple to use and are created by photographic enthusiasts or Adobe itself. On this article, you will get an thought of what you need to be taking a look at with regards to modifying your work and tips on how to achieve dramatic results.

Processing Photos in Photoshop In comparison with the convenience of processing pictures in Lightroom, Photoshop is a bit more sophisticated and requires extra studying time. This article lets you get the most effective out of your black and white image by working with colour layers, filters and blending options.

IMAGE COLLECTIONS : Black And White Film Photography Projects

Shooting film amazing multiexpo film photography project by frank machalowskiThis belgrade born brooklyn based photographer shoots almost exclusively with black and white filmShooting film amazing multiexpo film photography project by frank machalowski · photography projectsfilm photographyblack white photographyBlack white copy the photographsOnerollfift2 film project photography object artSuperimposed photographsSwansea street photography project leica m4 2 voigtlander 35mm f2 5 streetStreet photography swansea leica m4 2 voigtlander 35mm f2 5 kodak triShot on ilford with leica and find this pin and more on my black and white film photography