Black And White Indian Art

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Vector black and white indian flower seamless pattern
Art black and white indian skull
Black And White Indian Art

Ostentatious peacocks flirt coyly as they sit in the Tree of Life in this original work by India’s Bharti Dayal. The artist creates the painting in acrylic paint and vegetable dyes on handmade paper… Read More

Showy peacocks bow and nod to one another, as if engaged in a courtly dance. Bharti Dayal renders the scene in fine detail on this original Madhubani painting on handmade paper. Madhubani painting is… Read More

India has been a draw for talented photographers from all over the world for a long time now. They come here fascinated by the vibrant culture, diversity and rich colours of the land.

Swimming amid underwater vines, plump fish smile in this painting by Devendra Kumar Jha. Fish are a symbol of fertility and abundance, and are considered one of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu. The… Read More

Foot Impression of Goddess…Signed Floral Madhubani Ink Painting from India

Serene BuddhaEvocative Acrylic and Oil Expressionist Painting of Buddha

7. The dive 8. And the flight! 9. Generation gap 10. A bird’s eye view 11. Swingin’ in the Rain 12. Such happy faces! All pictures’ source: Prashant’s official website

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Incarnation of Lord Vishnu ISigned Black and White Madhubani Ink Painting from India

Peacock Love StoryHandcrafted Peacock Folk Art Painting on Paper

Magnificent VishnuOriginal Signed Madhubani Painting of Lord Vishnu

My mother, who is a state award winner in Madhubani, the painting style that I use, was my mentor.”

Peacock Theme Madhubani Painting from India, “Courtly Peacocks”

Love for Nature IMadhubani Style Indian Folk Art Painting on Paper

Tree of Life IIISigned Madhubani Painting of Birds in a Tree from India

Elephant ConnectionSigned Madhubani Painting of Mother and Baby Elephant

in Art, Photo Story IN PHOTOS: These Black & White Pictures Capture India’s Soul. In it’s Beaches, Streets & People!

Shiva’s DanceFlower Border Hindu Theme Madhubani Folk Art Painting

But why is Prashant fascinated with black and white photography? “We see the world in colour, so rendition of the world in grayscale makes us pause and look closely, allows us to see the subject and its context more directly and lets us connect more easily.  As Ted Grant said rightly ‘When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!’”

1. Wisdom 2. You can lead a horse to water… 3. Deep-rooted love 4. Man’s best friend 5. Someone just photobombed me! 6. Finding solace, anywhere!

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Handcrafted Peacock Folk Art Painting on Paper, “Peacock Love Story”

“I am not a trained photographer. Photography is my hobby.  I am a trained visualiser/art director. My job is to come up with visual stories. All my advertising work reflects what I see around me; as an artist you are observing people and their diversity, traditions, culture, their emotions like affection, happiness, love, greed, lust, joy, fear, etc. The only way to make sense out of this is to plunge into it, move with it, enjoy and find connection in the moment. Also, when you are photographing, you are capturing your own perception of the duration of events in time. What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, and they give you the ability to revisit and share the experience with others with their sense of perception,” says Prashant.

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Love for Nature IIBlack and White Madhubani Style Painting from India

The Pot IIIBlack and White Ink Painting of Three Pots from India

Prashant Godbole, who has been working in the advertising industry for the last 25 years, loves to capture everyday India, but in monochrome.

Singing BirdOriginal Signed Indian Tribal Style Bird Painting with Mat

Unity in NatureOriginal Madhubani Style Painting on Handmade Paper

Rural LandscapeSigned Ink Freestyle Painting by an Indian Artist

Incarnation of Lord Vishnu IISigned Animal Themed Madhubani Painting from India

Peacocks In LoveMadhubani Painting of a Tree with Birds in Black and White

Join us in congratulating to Devendra and Family for receiving the State Award for Excellence for their Madhubani paintings! This award is conveyed by the Government of Bihar for year 2012-2013. “I was born in 1969 in Jitwarpur, Bihar – an eastern state in India.

My mother, who is a state award winner in Madhubani, the painting style that I use, was my mentor. Under her supervision and guidance I have emerged as an artist capable of creating these paintings. “In this school of art we do not make preliminary sketches, nor is our work planned.

We simply pick up our brushes and create. A vivid and creative imagination is essential in this style of art, for while motifs may be similar, no two paintings will ever be found to be the same.” Mithila, (in Bihar) is a scholastic and cultural center in India that traces its lineage of arts from epic times.

Mithila paintings – alternately called Madhubani paintings – are a folk tradition kept alive by women in northern Bihar. They depict events from epic, mythology and traditional designs on their floors and walls of their houses using crushed wet rice and natural colors.

From this age old tradition stemmed the practice of drawing Mithila paintings on a canvas of hand-made paper or pure mulberry silk fabric using natural colors and fabric dyes. Brushes, sharpened reeds and pen nibs are used.

Birds in the Tree of LifeBlack and White Madhubani Painting of the Tree of Life

Benevolent Krishna and…Black and White Madhubani Painting of Krishna and Radha

Peacock AllureSigned Madhubani Style Artwork from Indian Artisan

Original Madhubani Style Painting on Handmade Paper, “Unity in Nature”

Pictures tell stories like no words can ever capture. And when pictures are in black and white, the contrast adds a whole new artistic dimension to these tales.

Krishna’s Song IIBlack and White Madhubani Painting of Krishna and Radha

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Bharti Dayal of India captures the fascinating beauty of nature in this beautiful painting. Neatly executed in monochrome, fine lines in repetitive patterns create this astonishingly detailed work of… Read More

You can have a look at more of Prashant’s captures on his website, here.

Underwater UnityOriginal Black and White Indian Folk Art Madhubani Painting

Singing BirdsIntricate Bird-Themed Madhubani Painting from India

Bihar Celebration of LifeBlack and White Madhubani Painting of the Tree of Life

The Powerful Lord ShivaBlack and White Madhubani Painting of Shiva from India

Birds’ Paradise IVOriginal Black and White Indian Madhubani Painting on Paper

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