Black And White Kitchens Pictures

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Black And White Kitchens Pictures

2 | Visualizer: Lucas Filip Black-on-black kitchens look gorgeous as well! This one uses different textures for contrast and depth. Nearby, a green rug and a wild vertical garden bring color to this dark and sophisticated style.

22 | Designer: Mili Mlodzi Ludzie This high contrast palette makes waves with its geometric design. The stools are from the One collection by Konstantin Grcic.

29 | Designer: Rado Rick Everything about this kitchen takes a unique approach to form. It’s all about the angles! The clean black and white palette works well for this space.

21 | Via: Adore Magazine All-white kitchens have their own benefits. Here, the residents could easily change out the black stools and pendant lights for a different accent color if they so wished.

11 | Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek Multiple rows of indoor herb planters above the kitchen island give homeowners access to plenty of fresh herbs to clip, and generally contribute to a nice aesthetic with the addition of decorative plants as well.

24 | Visualizer: Tomek Michalski Wood countertops bring a touch of chic charm to this stark black and white kitchen. The chalkboard wall to the right allows space to play with color and decoration.

6 | Visualizer: Inuti Minimalistic kitchens often benefit from some type of sculptural or otherwise eye-catching addition to serve as a focal point. This one uses creatively-routed pendant lights as both a decoration and a functional enhancement to the island.

The Patricia Urquiola Last Minute kitchen bar stools also add to the minimalist beauty of this design.

13 | Visualizer: Hoski Here’s a look at the same kitchen, but this one forgoes the wall and replaces the wooden floors with highly polished marble ones.

4 | Visualizer: Olesya Ligay Here’s another kitchen that uses wood, this time as a point of warmth among an otherwise cool-toned white and black theme. The inset lighting above the range matches well.

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25 | Visualizer: Wiktoria Ginter Chalkboard paint appears in this kitchen too, this time just to the left of the microwave and stove. This chalkboard features a little weekly plan template to make life easier, but grocery lists and recipe instructions are fun ideas as well.

26 | Designer: Jovo Bozhinovski Futurism is such a concrete style. It makes sense to choose a neutral color theme since the larger elements are so difficult to change later on. Here, just switching the color of the chairs would make an incredible difference yet would remain easy to alter later.

28 | Designer: PoliformThis kitchen takes a more subtle approach to a futuristic aesthetic with a kitchen worktop that angles inward at the leg. In terms of color, notice how the black and white elements swap places for contrast.

37 | Visualizer: Tero Design Simple, clean, and minimalistic – the interesting thing about this kitchen is how unbroken all of the surfaces are. Even the floor tiles are huge and contribute to its uncomplicated aesthetic.

27 | Designer: n lab Also featured in the previous kitchen, the chairs are the work of Verner Panton. They were designed in the 60s but remain just as impressively forward-thinking today. The unique dining pendant light also helps to anchor the space.

20 | Designer: Snook Architects Ultramodern architecture combines with black, white, wood, and glass to create a kitchen aesthetic that looks simple but hides tons of detail to appreciate.

14 | Visualizer: DekaaWhile this kitchen doesn’t have a breakfast nook, the dining table does feel like an overall part of the design thanks to its self-contained “floor” that makes it look an extension of the islands.

15 | Designer: Void Inc Unique angles give this all-white island a distinctively ultra-modern aesthetic – but the window backsplash is the star of the show. It’s at just the right height to enjoy from the breakfast stools or even the sofas on the other side of the room.

1 | Visualizer: Who Cares Design Subtle geometric influences bring this matte black kitchen to life. The standing white volume stands as a beacon of light, and offers a cool vertical garden and a few small regular containers to provide on-demand herbs for cooking.

19 | Visualizer: Vitaliy Pilipenko Dark wood is a traditional and striking choice that looks especially interesting paired up with the white and black cabinetry.

5 | Visualizer: Alexander Shabalin White geometric patterns catch the eye immediately! The shadows between each panel compliment the black breakfast bar, grey chairs, and black backsplash.

18 | Visualizer: Nefeli Kallianou Strong textures play with the light and bring more variation to these matte charcoal cabinets. Many of the decorative vases and bowls reside on the greyscale spectrum to match.

30 | Visualizer: Dasha Chevrole A concrete accent wall brings just a touch of industrial influence to this smooth kitchen style. The stainless steel range hood furthers the look.

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39 | Visualizer: Anastasiia Andreichenko We can’t let this post end without one more inspiring chalkboard wall. This one demonstrates the power of an artistic touch.

Black and white interiors are impossible to ignore. They’re bold, versatile, and perhaps most importantly, they always allow the interesting architectural elements and fixtures to stand at center stage. This post covers 40 amazing kitchens that use greyscale to their best advantage. Here you’ll see a range of texture and decor options that take their minimalistic palettes to the next level – and there are plenty of great furniture and lighting ideas to consider too. If you love the look but don’t think you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, consider checking out our many black and white bedroom designs too.

3 | Visualizer: Gabriel Vel Wood isn’t limited to classic style kitchens. Here, muted tones contribute a natural aesthetic without breaking away from the greyscale color theme used throughout.

40 | Visualizer: İbrahim Ethem kısacık Let’s close out this post with a kitchen that goes big with classic details! The cabinet door panels and tasteful tile patterns gain a wonderful stylistic complement by way of vintage-inspired decor.

9 | Designer: U Design Visualizer: Julia Sultanova Glossy surfaces contrast with the matte black wall using both texture and tone.

7 | Visualizer: TamizoSame technique, different approach – this kitchen’s focal point is yet another light, but this one stands out simply because of its contrast against the background. The stools used in both kitchens are from the Last Minute collection by Patricia Urquiola.

23 | Visualizer: Vitaliy Pilipenko Minimalism isn’t the only option for black and white kitchens. This one uses a variety of textures, tones, and decorations to create a memorable aesthetic overall.

17 | Visualizer: TamizoIt’s hard to go wrong with an all-white kitchen. The grey countertops are a nice touch. Black and white both show dirt quite easily, but grey is a little more forgiving.

33 | Designer: Atmos Studio Fully custom cabinetry brings this kitchen into the future.

16 | Visualizer: AEM Studio Black floors add character to the solid white kitchen surfaces. While this space would likely look wonderful year-round, the winter colors are a perfect complement for the palette used here.

31 | Visualizer: Stanislav Lukianchuk Traditional paneled cabinetry and a rich marble backsplash bring elegance and classic style to this otherwise very modern kitchen theme.

32 | Visualizer: Vlad Mishin Curved surfaces meet crisp lines as a source of contrast that goes beyond the black and while color theme alone. The spherical brass chandelier underscores the warmth of the wood floors.

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8 | Visualizer: Minimal Architects Color blocking is a technique that applies to black-and-white interiors too. This one uses an all-white kitchen island setup, but makes a dramatic impression with black chairs and pendant lights at the dining room table.

12 | Visualizer: Hoski This kitchen occupies a very narrow space and benefits from its restricted color theme for a cleaner look. The greyscale canvas really helps to tie the space together.

10 | Visualizer: JW Renders Gorgeous materials take this kitchen to the next level. Despite the modern theme and construction, brass and marble imbue it with plenty of classic luxury.

35 | Architect: Techne Architects Perhaps this kitchen remains minimalistic to allow the outdoors to take center stage. The view is certainly worth admiring.

34 | Visualizer: Oliver Wende Chevron floorboards, a rustic sliding ladder, and classically-influenced chairs add just the right amount of traditional influence to this otherwise strikingly modern kitchen.

36 | Visualizer: Daniel Nagaets Marble brings luxurious appeal to this open plan kitchen. While the living room remains casual and classic, it’s hard to ignore the luxurious materials in the background.

38 | Visualizer: Mockup Render Typography makes a bold statement in this simple white and black kitchen. The motivational phrase on the wall is worth remembering if your recipes don’t always go as planned.

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