Black And White Landscape Photography Australia

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Picture of marree oodnadatta track sa australia
Black And White Landscape Photography Australia

All you have to do is select an image or range of images you like, email us with the image codes and request that we email you digital proofs of the image. It is that easy. Once you approve the image that you like we can then print the photo and present it to you in any number of ways like canvas, acrylic face mount, aluminium mount, bamboo panel, traditionally framed or as a photo rolled in a tube.

Snowdrift, Wyperfeld National Park, Mallee, Victoria $60.00 *

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An area that had been severely hit by drought this pine plantation was scorched by the blazing sun. Yet under the canopy it was cool and temperate with life at every turn.

Two opposing elements fire and snow. The first snows of winter settle on the charred bark of gums, which have been burnt during the summer bushfires.

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Using the colours in our images we are able to control the different black and white tones and contrasts in our photo to customise it to our customer. The beauty of photographing everything in colour is that every image in our 1000 + collection can be made into a stunning Black and White image within minutes.

The days of shooting black and white film are all but over with the simplicity, ease and diversity that is now offered to photographers like myself. Who can take advantage of digital technology when transforming colour images into amazing black and white ones never possible with the old school method of using B&W film.

During heavy rain the waters thunder down the steep walls of Keppler falls. The summer months are much drier and hidden rocks are exposed to reveal their eroded surfaces.

I photographed this image 3 weeks after the black Saturday fires in March 2009. It was an unusually eerie day, it was raining and misty surrounded by blackened and burnt forest. The burnt trees were glistening from the rain and the mist gave the forest and amazing depth.

A cold winters morning we snow shoed into Kelly hut. I have been to the hut many times during summer months. In winter it is much more peaceful and isolated environment exposed to the harsh elements with the occasional cross-country ski tracks. 

Mount Arapiles is a rock climber’s mecca, which attracts climbers from all over victoria. The contrast between the eroded rock face the dark dramatic sky drew me to this composition.

1. Look through our extensive range of photos in our landscape, aerial or surf online galleries. 2. When you find the shot or shots you like note down the image code that is under the photos title. 3. Send us an email from our contact page asking for black and white proofs of the image codes you noted down.

4. We will then email back to you a digital proof of the image/s in black and white. 5. If you like the proof then we can move forward and take down order details, if not we can do changes to the tones in the shot as you desire.

6. On final approval we can print your new black and white photo on Canvas, print on Photo paper, Frame it, Face Mount on acrylic or Aluminimum mount, your choice.

Arthur Pieman Protected area, Tarkine Wilderness, Tasmania $60.00 *

Mt Erica’s summit is dominated by snow Gums these trees have become twisted by the extreme weather that buffers this area during winter months.  Camping at the summit I photographed this image through a cloud covered windy vail.

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It was a hard four-hour uphill walk to reach the summit of Mt Bogong. After sitting down to take in the views we noticed an incoming bank of clouds. This image was taken just prior to the fading light and our quick retreat to Cleve Cole hut before the rain.

Any of the photos in our extensive collection can be made into black and white works of art. With the technology these days we can fine tune the look and style of your black and white image to perfection.

All you have to do is find a photo that you like and then email us the image code and we will email you through a digital proof of that image as a black and white, it really is that easy.

The harsh summer heat in the Mallee takes its tole on the environment. To encounter this lone pine growing in sand dune illustrates how nature has learnt to adapt and survive in the desert landscape.

 Early winter around Cradle Mountain is a special time where tarns begin to freeze and the first hint of snow begins to fall. The weather can change rapidly in this area and soon after this photograph the clouds rolled in and Little Horn disappeared in mist.

There is no additional cost for us preparing a colour image as a black and white one for you. Not even as a sample for you too look at.

The previous days rain had turned the trail into a torrent and I had spent most of my day wading waist deep in water. The morning of this image there was not a breath of wind or rain to be seen. The south Island of New Zealand is unpredictable which makes it an exciting place to photograph.

A wet and windy morning on Phillip Island led me steeply to these rocks that had been eroded by the tide. There was a constant rumbling sound caused by the boulders rolling on each other. A dangerous place due to the unpredictable waves by the time I had finished I was wet through.

Mount Arapiles, Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park, Victoria $60.00 *

The force of nature has eroded and sculpted this bolder to control the ebbs and flows of the river.  Within these boulders small pockets have been etched to contain small stone gems.

The image was created while completing the Kosciuszko main range five-day walk in the Australian Alps. It was a bitterly cold night we awoke the next morning to frozen boots and clear skies.  I set up the shot and waited for the rising sun, which left the foreground in shadow, and the sun hitting Mt Townsend.

After Black Saturday fires, Lake Mountain, Victoria $60.00 *

We had been walking for two hours and were close to the end of the walk. While we were waiting for the boat to pick us up we photographed a small bay, which was being illuminated by diffused afternoon light. Amongst the pebbled beaches were strewn these ancient quarts boulders.

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 The snowmelt from the surrounding mountains creates cascading rivers. The day after this photograph 140mm of rain fall in 24 hours to turn most of the walking track into a river.

Mt Buffalo was an important feeding area for the local Aboriginal tribes who would travel to the plateau and feed on the Bogong Moth. It certainly has a spiritual feeling and you can see the evidence of the aboriginal presence at the Cathedral.

Keppler Falls, Yarra Ranges National Park, Victoria $60.00 *

This image was captured at the Beeches, which is a stand of ancient Myrtle Beech, which follow the Whitehouse Creek downstream to meet the Taggerty River. Unfortunately the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires destroyed this area..

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The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo National Park, Victoria $60.00 *

Mt Townsend, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales $60.00 *

After photographing this area many times during winter I was interested to see the impact the bush fires had on the landscape. The fires were moving so fast that only the bases of the trees were burnt. What looks like snow on the ground was infact the scorched leaves.

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Little Horn, Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania $60.00 *

The long winter months on Mt Baw Baw create snowdrifts on the plains, which are illuminated and exaggerated by the sunshine and the shadows of the snow gums.

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