Black And White Photo Retouching

best black and white pictures Black And White Photo Retouching

best black and white pictures Black And White Photo Retouching

Photo retouching
Black and white photograph from a honeymoon the customer wanted it restored as we do not work on original photos we did the restoration by retouching
Digital retouching
Photo retouching
Old black and white photographic restoration old black and white photographic retouching black and
There is a pretty dramatic difference between the original photos simply desaturated and the final images that i detail retouch soft black and white
Mastering black and white retouching in photoshop udemy
Big damages that need restoration
In the beginning of editing this image after its been cropped and aligned its all about focusing on eliminating the wears and tears
Black white photo editing tutorial
Photoshop cc course tools
Black white photo retouching and effect
The art of portrait retouching black and white complete video course
There is a pretty dramatic difference between the original photos simply desaturated and the final images that i detail retouch soft black and white
Beauty make up retouching exclusive retouching www exclusiveretouching com
For old photographs i can do as little as fixing a couple of stains or as much as hand coloring black and white photographs
The second copy is a black and white version of the image also converted in adobe camera raw when converting you can adjust the values in camera raw based
Photo retouching

I am professional fashion and beauty retoucher as well as photoshop educator with well over 5 years of experience. I work with magazines, tv, websites, fashion designers, hairdressers just to make sure their images look great.

You will be able to work comfortably in Photoshop You will be able to clean up images non-destructively You will learn dodge & burn retouching You will be able to work with masks on the Pro level You will be able to create luminosity masks and work with them You will have better understanding of lights on the image You will learn precise work with light on the image You will be able to adjust contrasts on the Pro level You will be able to create outstanding images You will be able to retouch images from start to finish

And all of this working with this beautiful portrait and beauty images!

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You are in the best place to start. Get your skills to the next level and create outstanding black and white images in Photoshop.

This is not everything. Because I will show you work to work even with most detailed things like lips, eyes, ahir or part of the warderobe. Except getting everything whats best from the masks and using power of channels, I will show you how to get even more contrasts by mastering Dodge & Burn Technique. You will see what areas can be dodge and burned to not ovedo or destroy your image! 

3b. When using the Dodge Tool use the Highlights Range, and an exposure somewhere between 5 and 20%.  For this photo I used 12%.

At the very end of each section I will be showing you my final steps of work with camera raw software, which is very poerful in adjusting the final contrasts or working with the grayscale.

This tutorial is to help you learn how to retouch black and white photos like the pros.  More specifically, how to create harsher darks and lights.  The two tools we will be using to create these effects are the Dodge Tool and the Burn Tool.  Ok, once you have your photo open in photoshop:

Are you trying to get the perfect black and white images but still something is missing?

1. Convert the photo to black and white using a new Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer.  If you need more help with this step please refer to our tutorial on “Converting Photos to Black and White.”

2b. When using the Burn Tool use the Shadows Range, and an exposure somewhere between 5 and 20%.  For this photo I used 12%.

Black and White Photography Post Production Revealed – Create Beathtaking Portraits in Photoshop

Then simply drag a reasonably sized brush over the areas that you want to darken, you can continue to change the exposure to create a more realistic appearance.

Moreover, our company has a variety of retouching techniques which will help make your photos even more attractive. Our retouchers can give your photos a slight matte. By adjusting the shadows a little bit in the photo you can get a more vintage style. We can say that it is the most popular technique among our customers and professional photographers.

After that we will jump to fun stuf! I will show you how to get the perfect contrasts – I will show you how to adjust the contrasts by simply working with masks. I will show you how to create and work with luminosity masks as well as how to use color range to work with lights and shadows, how to get the perfect selections and get amazing control over the light – which is criuical for bw images. You will be true PRO in working with masks. 

2a. In order to darken certain areas of the photo, click on the Burn Tool.

Black and white retouch is a collection of many different special qualities and techniques. Retouchers usually use Photoshop or other similar programs for such retouching, because these programs provide both destructive and editing photos that are non-destructive. Methods that are considered destructive are such options, which cannot be re-taken after it was implied. Once you have made this change, one of the ways to do a different picture is to start black and white photo editing again.

We will start simple from raw conversion and I show you to what you need to pay attention from very beginning. I will also show you how to clean up you image.

Various photo manipulation services, provided by our professional company are able to satisfy every, even the most demanding client. For more than 10 years of photo retouching experience on the highest level, we are definitely proud to have more than 10000 thankful customers, who are eager to co-work with us. Every time clients are in need of photo editing services, for example professional portrait retouching services or digital real estate enhancement, they tend to work exactly with our company. And that is certainly the subject of our proudness. From day to day, we are eager to develop our photo retouching skills. So, you may be sure that not only basic shot improving techniques such as background removal service or photo color correction services will be done perfectly, but also various advanced editing options will be professionally implied in order to achieve marvelous final photo results. Without any doubts, after seeing photo retouching before after, you will definitely have a wish to become our permanent client.

One of my favourite and most outstanding images are those in black and white. But it’s not so easy to master it. I know the right way.

Every day black and white photography is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, more and more new techniques are developing every day which can simplify this process. If earlier to make a black and white photo you had to buy special equipment such as a camera for monochrome images or got yourself to the common various basic setting on camera. Today we can offer you a quick and easy way to get the black and white photo; it is to co-work with our photo retouching company.Do you know what the main purpose of black and white retouching is? The main purpose of B&W retouching is that image contains many shades of gray from black to white. Well, the key to a good black and white photo is certainly high-quality color photo. Monochrome images are not direct representation of the photographed objects, but they produce some abstractions from reality, representing colors in shades of gray. In the photography world there is an opinion that black and white colors gives a special emotional color pictures and as a result, the pictures become more sensitive compared to the colorful original photos.

Do you want to push your photography and retouching to the highest. This is the course for You!

3a. In order to brighten certain areas of the photo, click on the Dodge Tool.

Also commonly used method of black & white retouching is channel mixer. It is based on considering and using of all color information, which is collected on a colorful photo. We all know that there are only three primary colors: red, blue and green, which mix among themselves to give other colors. And color images have three main color channel red, blue, and green. They are combined to make your images with a variety of colors. The result, obtained by applying black and white photo editing leaves, makes a deep impression.

Photoshop is one of the most popular programs that are used by both our professional team and all the professional retouchers. It depends on what Photoshop includes. There are a lot of different methods of non-destructive retouching with using multiple layers. All changes made on one layer and they remain only on it. If a mistake is made, the Retoucher can only delete a layer with this error without destroying the entire photo post processing. After that, the image is flattened and only at this stage, all alterations which previously are made on become permanent.

In this course i will show you something that no one did. I will teach you how to make your images dynamic, clean and full of contrasts.

One more of certain advantages of our photo retouching company are photo editing prices. If you think that they are rather high, you are definitely wrong. Our team provides its clients with the most pocket-friendly prices ever possible. Having trusted our company to retouch your photos you will be able to experience the pleasant combination of low prices, excellent service are outstanding final result.

Nowadays more and more photographers tend to work with black & white photography. This theme is especially popular in various modern wedding tendencies. A lot of couples have one common wish which is to be happy owners of at least some photos made in black and white technique. These kinds of photos are able to show that wide range of emotions that are expressed during every wedding. In black and white images the most important is the atmosphere and feeling caught in a particular picture. And that helps photographers to make such eye-catching and touching pictures which definitely will be hung in the middle of a wall in a house as best wedding shots. In this sphere black & white photography for sure wins in comparison with colored ones.

Which is not everything because in the final sections we will jump to the fashion images and i will show you how to get the strong look and perfect balance between the black and white!

Then simply drag a brush (you pick the size) over the areas that you want to brighten, you should probably keep changing the exposure to create a more realistic appearance.

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If you have thought that our photo editing team provides only wedding photography post processing services, you are definitely will be surprised. That is, for sure, not our sky`s limit. Our company which consists of the wide range of professional photo retouchers is always ready to offer our services connected with portrait retouching service, which includes various appearance enhancement techniques, family photo editing, in order to present our clients with simply outstanding family shots memorable for years, body retouching, which main aim is to make your body as perfect as possible and photo montage services.

Black And White Photo Retouching