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Black And White Photography Contest

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Black And White Photography Contest.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Tim Walden for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Tim took over Walden’s Photography from his father in 1980, taking the studio in an entirely different direction when he developed the Walden trademark “Relationship” Black and White Fine Art portraiture. Today, he and his wife Beverly run a high-end studio, providing beautifully crafted images for their clients as well as traveling the world teaching and sharing with other photographers.

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Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best Black & White images in the All Things Black And White Photo Contest with chances to win a Canon 5D MK III and more!

Tim took over Walden’s Photography from his father in 1980, taking the studio in an entirely different direction when he developed the Walden trademark “Relationship” Black and White Fine Art portraiture.

Today, he and his wife Beverly run a high-end studio, providing beautifully crafted images for their clients as well as traveling the world teaching and sharing with other photographers.Read more

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“It a high tech world, we often miss the scenes that bring such peace for the moment or two as you sit in front of them. They are quite and have depth to them. Capturing them in a way that has all the technical qualities and high standards of a great black & white and holding the viewer there, in that place, letting them both enjoy and imagine, is not easy. This image does just that.” – Tim Walden

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The work of the first, second and third place winners (together with further entries that the judges feel are worthy of commendation) from both the professional and amateur categories will be published in the Monochrome Photography Awards annual book.

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Our mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover the most amazing photographers from around the world. The winners of the Professional and Amateur categories will receive the titles: Monochrome Photographer of the Year and Monochrome Discovery of the Year along with cash prizes.

We are open to all points of view, all levels of expertise, and all ideas of black and white photography.

“This image is an amazing show of design and emotion. The symmetry  of the lines leading out towards the horizon provide us a feeling of infinity. Yet, putting an empty white chair in this image of dark infinity is somehow haunting. It is design and composition at its best. This is the type of image that will speak many different stories to many different people.” – Tim Walden

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“This image really takes you to this place in a very special way. It shows you what the eyes can’t see by the unique angle and lens selection along with the exposure, providing a very powerful image. The qualities of this image, as a black and white photograph, are magnificent with its rich blacks, deep in tone, but filled with detail that you see as you study the image. The leading line from the left side takes us right to the middle of this image and the soft, light tones hold us there. This is truly a stunning image.” – Tim Walden

“So many tones and beautiful tonal gradation throughout this image are handled so beautifully. The thing I love about this image is the dynamic contrast of a quite and restful location against the power and movement of a night sky which is placed beautifully in this scene. Well played!” – Tim Walden

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“This image will absolutely sneak up on you. It pulls you in with a quite peacefulness of the building contrasted by threatening skies. It has a wonderful soft and gentle mood that holds you and it does all of this without missing a beat technically. The composition is perfect and the eye goes exactly where the artist planned with the deep surroundings and the gentle white building, all while holding great detail and drama in the dark areas and all the subtle tones of the white church.” – Tim Walden

All names of the Honorable Mention winners will also be included in the book.

Monochrome Awards Winners’ Gallery Monochrome Awards 2017 | Monochrome Awards 2016 | Monochrome Awards 2015 | Monochrome Awards 2014 GRAND PRIZE Abstract | Architecture | Conceptual | Fashion / Beauty | Fine Art | Landscapes | Nature | Nude | People | Photojournalism | Photomanipulation | Portrait | Wildlife

“There is no doubt  as to where the maker wants your attention to be as you look at this image. The lighting and the beauty of this subject takes you directly to her face, and her eyes and expression keeps you there. However, there is more to this image. The maker used the concept of mimicking strong, vertical lines with her face, her hands and her hair all repeating verticals, creating a strong and effective composition. The deep tones of her hair and shoulder keep you focused on her face and they are filled with detail. A very impressive black and white portrait.” – Tim Walden

Judged based on creativity, originality and in accordance to the theme.

Advanced Tips These superior suggestions are that will help you look previous all the basic concepts which cowl most elements of photography. The digital camera gear, equipment and accessories are things that enable you to take better photographs. The following tips are there that will help you achieve deeper knowledge , taking a look at a potential message, experience or emotion you want to portray. This article helps the place and when to use issues comparable to micro-contrast. Additionally how one can effectively use and place the blackest areas of the photograph in relation to the mid-tone gray areas. Your images will benefit immensely.

How To Make an Image Black and White in Photoshop & Lightroom All cameras, except for the Leica M Monochrom, take photographs in colour. If you want a black and white picture , then it`s good to convert the colour to a monochrome state. There are various strategies you are able to do this, but only some will give you the very best quality and tonal range. Learn our article here on tips on how to make an image black and white, without shedding high quality , detail or different necessary factors.

Post -Processing Black and White Pictures All digital enhancing software for Mac, PC, smartphone or Android provides a conversion from colour to black and white. Unless you took a color photograph , transformed it into black and white in a non- damaging manner , you cannot revert it. The knowledge is not there. There are lots of ways to convert to black and white, a few of which are non- damaging ( permits you to go back to colour in case you like) but only a few ways the place you`ll be able to convert the picture properly. This text tells you what it`s best to or shouldn’t be doing to get essentially the most out of your photographs.

Methods to Edit Photos on Mobile Now that we have now looked primarily at DSLRs, let’s flip our consideration in direction of mobile photography. Taking pictures along with your cell is quick and simple , and now changing and processing your photos into black and whites isn`t any extra difficult. This text exhibits you the way to make the most of an app to turn these pictures into something really dramatic.

How to Manage Pictures in Post - Manufacturing Working with black and white photographs will not be the same as working with color – each have completely different focuses and need completely different areas of attention. The Black and White images can profit from colours. Adding yellow into the picture utilizing a colour mixer can have an effect on the element in the sky. This brings out characteristics in an in any other case overexposed section of the image. Additionally , tweaking of contrasts and highlights can have very dramatic leads to a Black and White photograph.

Issues to Think about When Editing Black and White Pictures When it comes right down to the editing of your pictures , the hardware may be simply as vital as the software you use. Your laptop monitor could have a color management system that may show your pictures differently to the color management of the printing. Also , the place you edit the photographs is also important , creating colour casts that change how you see our images. You might think that black and white images is not going to be affected, however they still use color information in the gray , mid-tone areas of your work. No matter you will be doing along with your images as a closing product, be it a book or an exhibition, all of them need totally different treatments.

The best way to Use Tonal Distinction with Pictures The tonal vary in black and white photography is one of the most vital things to focus on. The vary is principally the diploma of how vivid or how darkish elements of your picture are. The larger the tonal vary , which means the more darkish and light areas there are, the extra spectacular the image. Though contrast works well in both colour and black and white, the latter needs it extra to stand out and make a long-lasting impression.

10 Suggestions for Using Luminosity Masks in Digital Blending Luminosity masks are a function in Photoshop that helps you isolate areas of a excessive gentle depth within the photograph ’s pixels. With these picks , you may choose areas of the photograph and only work on particular tones, not the whole image. These are nice to assist increase the focus and look of a specific object in your frame. This article offers you an awesome rundown, from creating the masks to the finished image.

Learn how to Transition From Taking to Making the Photograph Ansel Adams stated , “You don’t take a photograph , you make it”. This information takes you through many ideas. Trying on the fundamental components , what makes an incredible photograph and tips on how to make it right into a ultimate , polished print. Focusing on the essential concepts and continuing to establish , isolate and control the weather will help your photographic confidence.

Methods to Edit Black And White Photos in Lightroom Lightroom is among the best instruments on the market to help you get the most effective from your photography. It is easy and fast to select -up and may also help together with your workflow. Presets are an effective way to get very spectacular images. They are additionally quick and simple to make use of and are created by photographic enthusiasts or Adobe itself. On this article, you may get an thought of what you should be looking at on the subject of editing your work and the best way to obtain dramatic results.

Processing Photos in Photoshop Compared to the ease of processing photographs in Lightroom, Photoshop is a little more difficult and requires more learning time. This text helps you to get the perfect out of your black and white picture by working with colour layers, filters and blending options.

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