Black And White Pictures Montessori Mobile

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Montessori black and white mobiles for a newborn munari mobile at how we montessori
Montessori munari mobile black and white baby mobile
Black And White Pictures Montessori Mobile

There are many commercially available black and white products for babies. Other Montessori friendly options include art cards, printables and flash cards. We will continue to use these black and white images for the first several months until Augustus loses interest.


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For more information you can look into, Montessori from the Start (by Lynn Lillard Jessen and Paula Polk Lillard), and, which offers great examples on how to make your own

We also use a set of images that I painted on thin pieces of canvas back before Nora was born. Then, we recently added this book to our collection. I love it because it stands on its own and includes more realistic, yet high contrast, images instead of just patterns.

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Our daughter traveled pretty well all things considered, but one thing she really seemed to miss were her mobiles. Montessori From the Start recommends a very specific set of materials (most are diy friendly) that are developmentally appropriate for a young infant. Many of them are designed to be used merely weeks apart because they are learning at such an explosive rate. This week I am starting a series on the mobiles we use with Kate, as well as some notes on their design and purpose.

Have you noticed that your baby likes black and white images? How have you incorporated these images into your baby spaces? 

My friend Bea made this beautiful modified Munari mobile (the Munari is a black and white mobile and the first in the series for Montessori mobiles) for her own children and passed it on to me with her handmade wooden baby gym. Bea has her degree in early childhood development and I feel really blessed to have her insight, especially now that I am a mother. I will never forget the first day we used this mobile with Kate! She was about 2 weeks old and I told Will that I was going to have her try it out, but he was not very enthused. She had not cared for the traditional baby gym that we had set up in the living room, so he didn’t have high hopes for this one either. The moment I set her underneath, her eyes focused and she started following the black and white designs. I called Will over and he was delighted! He has listened to me share all of the things I’ve learned in my AMS primary training for the past year, but this was the first time he had seen anything Montessori be truly effective. We watched her watch the mobile for over 5 minutes that first day and now it is common for her to enjoy it for upwards of 10 minutes. While she is spending time with her mobile I usually try to leave the room so I won’t be distracting to her. She lets me know when she has had enough!  Benefits of a black and white mobile:

The great thing about the black and white images is that they don’t need to be complicated at all! Just simple high contrast images. I, personally, wanted something that I could easily move around when Gus wasn’t in his movement area.

So, I found some inexpensive, plastic frames at IKEA and filled them with black and white scrapbook paper. This allows me to change the images easily and cheaply. This solution also allows me to move the images around the house for those times when we can’t be in the movement area.

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In a Montessori baby environment black and white pictures are often present. These images provide some visual stimulation for newborn’s and provide and opportunity for a baby to concentrate and focus. It essentially becomes an exercise for the baby’s eyes.

When babies are born, they are not able to distinguish between colors the same way that older babies, children, or adults can. In fact, it even takes some time for infants to see any color at all! {Read more about infant eye development here.

} As a result, new babies love high contrast images, like black and white pictures, since they can more easily distinguish them. This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

In addition to our black and white Munari and Munari-inspired mobiles {more on those next week!}, we have many black and white images in our home for Gus to look at. Although I am writing about them in week 5, we have actually used these images since birth.

It’s just that as he has more awake time, he is using the images more and more this week. These images have easily been his favorite thing outside of looking at me {moms are awesome, it’s science} or himself.

Specifically, we have them in our movement area, and in Augustus’ changing table area.

Provides high contrast that newborns are drawn to while their eyes are still developing. Allows the baby to build her concentration when she can observe uninterrupted. Encourages her to track the objects as the mobile moves slowly above her.

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