Black And White Pictures With Colour

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Black and white photograph and adding partial color effects herbstblatt fallen leaves
B and w shot coloring el vendedor de colores
Black And White Pictures With Colour

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4) Select the Eraser Tool from the tool menu on the left of the screen (usually the fifth icon down in the right hand column), set hardness to 100% and choose a suitable eraser size to work with on the section of the photo you want to put in colour.

It’s that simple! Here are a few more examples to give you inspiration:

There are a few ways to achieve this effect but here are two ones I find easiest for Photoshop users.

One of the techniques people most often ask me to teach them is making a photograph like the one on the right that is black and white with one other colour.

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Photoshop gives you more control over the colors of your photos than apps ever could. It’s good to learn how to create these effects on your own to get the most control. Envira Gallery wrote an excellent Photoshop tutorial:

50 Wonderful Black & White Photos with Partial Color Effects

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If you have Adobe Premiere, try this tutorial for desaturating videos except for one color:

3) Using Polygonal Lasso Tool select the area of the butterfly you want to be colored and right click on it with the mouse. There should be a drop down menu, choose “Layer via Copy”.

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1) Open a suitable photograph, this can be any subject but ideally it needs an area of bright colour that will have an impact when it’s finished while the rest of the photo looks good in black and white. For example:

2) Take a Polygonal Lasso Tool from the left sidebar menu. This tool helps you to select the area you need and cut or copy it, or do with it whatever you need.

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You might have seen photos that feature this dramatic effect: one object in color with the rest in black and white. Here are the best apps and tutorials that show you how to recreate this effect.

At the bottom of this post we have added some tutorials to help you recreate this effect. Hope you enjoy our selection.

Available for free on iPhone/iPad and Android devices, paid upgrades available.

Using this method rather than the “Paint to color” method allows you to use this method on videos without having to individually color every frame.

2) Then make a copy of a layer with the image. Right click on a layer with the image and choose “Duplicate the layer” from the context menu. You’ll get a new copied layer as you see on the picture below.

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Desaturate the entire image (make the whole image black and white)Use a paintbrush to highlight the parts that you want to colorErase the sections that you unintentionally colored and neaten up the effect.Best apps for selective color effectColor Wow

This technique can take an otherwise dull image and make it vibrant by highlighting critical areas of beauty. And, as you will also notice, they can at times be very powerful.

Color Pop Effects Photo Editor uses the same method mentioned above: decolor the image and then highlight the parts you want colored. Change the hue of your selected color to create some cool effects (e.g. make your pink watermelon look blue instead).

A good alternative to Color Pop Effects that includes similar features for a lower price.

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4) Then get back to the previous layer with the image and turn it black and white in the way you know. You can use the piece of advice I gave you in a previous part of tutorial.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and feelings which methoв you like the best and why. This technique can be used for almost any photo you like. And I bet you, please dare to share your final results with us!

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3) Now go back to first layer with the image and turn it black and white using the “Black & White” button on the right side.

5) Now use the eraser and go over the area you want without colour, it will erase the color and bring it to the black and white, demonstrating black and white background layer. You may need to zoom and work close up on some sections. Take your time and change eraser sizes if you need to. Here is my result image:

6) And one more tip, in order to make a picture more realistic you can reduce the Opacity and Fill of the colored layer to 80 %. I hope you’re satisfied with the final image:

Color Wow is one of the most flexible apps you can use to selectively color your photographs. Tap your photo to select the color you want to remain coloured while the rest changes to grayscale. It also includes a nice additional feature that allows you to change the highlight color of the final image. For example, you could take a black and white image with a yellow taxi and make it blue instead.

It means that the selected and cropped area is copied to a new layer.

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Video Color Editor – Change Video Color, Add Video Filters and Vintage Effects

Available for free on iPhone/iPad and Android devices, paid upgrade to remove ads

This app is actually built to make Portrait Mode style photos on any device (even unsupported ones) but it also has a cool feature that lets you make the background black & white. This effectively gives you two-for-one, letting you optionally blur the background while also selecting which areas in the foreground to keep in colour. Bonus!

There are many different names for the same effect: color pop, color burst, color splash, desaturate all colors except one, and selective colorization. You can search for any of these terms in the App Store or Google Play Store to find apps that do what you want.

Although this app is available for free, all of the best features are for sale and at just $0.99, it’s very good value. This app uses a different method to the other featured apps: Use the eye dropper tool to highlight which color you want to remain colored. The rest of the video frames will be converted to black and white.

1) Open the image you like in Photoshop. It should be similar to the previous one, I mean it has to have an area for bright colors. This time I took a photo with a blue butterfly on the blurred background.

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Taking a black and white photograph and adding partial color effects to certain key points of the shot is one of the most popular techniques amongst professional photographers. You can understand its popularity when you look at the examples we have for you below.

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