Black And White Portrait Makeup

best black and white pictures Black And White Portrait Makeup

best black and white pictures Black And White Portrait Makeup

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So with that in mind, I decided to find out exactly what products you should be using for that good ol’ b&w shot so it won’t bug you for the rest of your earth-dwelling existence. I reached out to global makeup artist for Pixi Beauty, Amanda Bell, who sorted me right out. 

First thing to remember is color doesn’t read in black & white, obviously. Wearing a shadow that emphasizes the color of your eyes does not really matter. Amanda also says your traditional contour and highlight isn’t going to read the same way as in color. “Keep highlighting and sculpting to a minimum because, by nature of a black and white photograph, the nuances of skin tone are going to be lost, so your shadow for your contour is going to look a lot more shadowy. What you should really do is amp up the concealer underneath your eyes to make sure that your dark shadows aren’t amplified,” she says. 

If there’s one thing that will send teenagers running for the hills, it’s the prospect of yearbook picture day. Even my early high school yearbook photos haunt me, mostly because I had no idea how to make myself up for them in a way that would flatter.

With a black and white photo, you want things to be elegant, so you generally want to go with something simple – unless you are looking for dramatic. I always go with lighter shades and I always try to keep it elegant and simple. A classic look can really go a long way in black and white pictures! Remember, makeup for black and white photos is totally different than what you wear in colored photos, so picking simple yet elegant might be your best bet!

Red lips might not be a logical step, but apparently that’s the old Hollywood trick to steal. Nothing too berry, but a classic blue-toned red lip will look almost natural in a black and white photograph. Now, that is wild.

Also, yearbook pictures aren’t the time to break out shimmer and sparkle. “Anything with loads of shimmer pigment is going to read ‘off’ without color. Instead it’s better to layer a lip color, something that’s a little bit stronger, to get dimension,” she says. 

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Black and white photos are incredible and look super chic, but do you know how to do makeup for black and white photos? It’s so much different and something as simple as picking out a red shade over something neutral can make your look much darker than you may have intended. If you love black and white photos and want to know how to do makeup for black and white photos, take a look below! I’ve got all of the makeup tips that will make you look beautiful and vogue in your B&W photos!

More tips include opting for cream formulations because they are more easily layered and then a touch of powder. And if you are using a powder, make sure it is ever so slightly warmer than your natural skin tone or completely translucent. If you want to contour, keep it matte, and go for a matte highlight as well. 

Another rule of thumb? Don’t use anything with too much titanium dioxide because flashback. “Even if you aren’t using flash, if you have too much titanium dioxide in your products, there is the potential to look much greyer,” says Bell. An under-eye corrector like Pixi Correction Concentrate ($12;,) which is peach, will make you look fresh and effortless. 

Black And White Portrait Makeup