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Black And White Prints Have Color Cast

Black And White Prints Have Color Cast Black And White Prints Have Color Cast

You’re not alone. I never bother printing b+w on a home printer none of them are up to the job unless you buy an expensive one with extra grey inks. Get them printed at a lab its cheaper and better.

The Use Black Ink Only is in Preferences and on the Advanced Tab

For the Adjustment Layer types – Green is not the opposite of red. Cyan is. For the record – Cyan and Red are opposites, Green and Magenta, and Yellow and Blue. That will help a lot in future color corrections.

You probably don’t have a good profile for your printer-paper combo. Canon, imo, doesn’t do a great job at neutral b&w without a profile. You should at least try a recommended Canon paper and look for it’s profile and set it before you print.

As for the forums, I see what he sees, Chris. In fact, if I want to see the whole set of posts while writing, I have to open a new FF browser and open the particular thread. Otherwise, I loose my typing.

PDF, I’m not sure that my Canon MP830 has the ability to print using only black ink but I’ll check it out.  I seem to recall that some of myHP printers from way back had the facility, but if the newer Canons have the function, it’s not obvious.

The P50 is an Epson printer not HP.Rupert49, when the print dialogue comes up, put a tick in “Use Black Ink Only” and try that. If you don’t do that, the printer will try to make black by mixing the other colours, and you will probably get a colour cast.

There are not very many colour inkjet printers that can print a B&W image without a cast of some sort. As the OP said, get it printed commercailly.

OK, back to my question about my scanned B&W photo printing with a purple cast. Sorry but I’m not experienced enough in Photoshop to be able to apply the curves and layers suggestions.  However, it’s possible that I should have used the Black and White setting on the scanner, rather than Grayscale.  I did this because the scan Preview looked quite weird in B&W but appeared better in Grayscale, so that’s what I scanned with.

Are you printing in colour or B&W only?I find on my old 1290s if I print a B&W image using colour I have to turn the Magenta to -3

2. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? Anthony.Ralph Dec 24, 2009 7:48 AM (in response to Q Photo)

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Having suffered what appeared to be a toning / colour cast issue with my mono prints (Canon ip8750) I chanced upon the simple solution of letting the printer manage colours when printing mono, rather than giving Photoshop the reins.

This goes against the accepted practice I know, and may be frowned upon, but its a damn sight better than using expensive ink and A3 paper to churn out a print that you’re disappointed with and never look at again surely?

Before I get to the original subject, I must say I find these Adobe forums very hard to navigate.   I’ve questioned and answered on hundreds of forums over the past 15 years and the Adobe group has a ‘style’ all of its own.   For example, I wanted to post a reply in which I could comment about everyone’s responses, but now, as I type this, I can only see PDF’s post, so I can’t refer back to the two earlier posters, to make detailed comments about their helpful remarks.  On most boards, if I hit the REPLY button on the last post, I get to see all previous posts above my response box.  Not so here.  There doesn’t seem to be a PREVIEW button, either, to ‘test-run’ my reply.  Maybe I have the page laid out incorrectly….

7. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? graynbow Jan 8, 2010 12:43 AM (in response to Hudechrome-sd9sPI)

Anyway, back to my question about the ‘purple-B&W’ print.  I’ve found the answer, thanks to……um, not sure who it was, cos I can’t see the whole thread as I type this.  The solution was to rescan the photo using the setting ‘Color’ instead of ‘Grayscale’ (Black and White didn’t work), then, in Photoshop, dropping the Saturation to zero.  The result was a nearly perfect copy of the original old black and white photo.

You will NOT get good results using black only.. I know you said you did but are you certain you have turned of colour management in the printer dialogue as it really sounds like double profiling, As Fen said as a last result dial in less magenta but thats only really a work around, I have used Epson printers for about 12 years and wouldnt use any other but havent experience with your P50 so cant go into specifics really.

.. sorry

Okay… I’ll try and explain better Your printer is a colour printer.The file you want to print is a B&W picture.If you send it normally to the printer, the printer will use all the colours to make a B&W image.

This does actually give a better tone (believe it or not!) but sometimes the magenta can be a bit too much so you have to do some tests to find out what setting you need for the magenta ink. I found on the Epson 1290s that a setting of -3 worked best.

Or, when you send the file to the printer you can click on “Use Black Ink Only” which will force the printer to only use the Black ink to produce your image.

Just to add what Q Photo said; if you use a curves adjustment layer in Photoshop to bring the colour cast back to neutral, saving it as a curves preset means that in future you can make any picture B&W and just before printing invoke the preset, knowing that the colour cast will be neutralised.

You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again.

1. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? Q Photo Dec 24, 2009 3:27 AM (in response to graynbow)

On my SX405, if you go to the Advanced Tab and in Colour Management select Colour Controls, Adobe RGB, Gamma 2.2 then click on Settings. Another window will open allowing you to tweak the colours – click on Slide Bar in Colour Adjustment Method.

There should be something similar on the P50 I would have thought.

Got an old black and white photo that I thought I’d scan then enhance. It’s actually BLACK and WHITE (not sepia but maybe more grayish than black)

I wouldn’t be as definite as that, it really depends on the picture. Granted, you will not get the same range of tones using just one ink rather than 3 or 5, but neither will you get a colour cast.

Graynbow – you either need to print your file with the correct profile for you printer/paper combo  –  or – you need to print using only the black inks on your printer. If you are using the correct paper profile you prints should be very close to neutral. Use the wrong one and anything can happen. Grays are the hardest to print right because our eyes are so sensitive to the slightest deviation from gray.

4. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? graynbow Jan 6, 2010 12:00 PM (in response to p_d_f)

But when I printed it (on my Canon MP830) onto Photo Paper Glossy Plus, it’s got a distinctly mauve tinge.

It isn’t just home printers – I had this problem with Jessops as well.

Not quite sure of the question, Fen! The P50 is a colour printer of course, but the old photographs that I am currently printing are B&W (that is, old sepia toned prints that I desaturated to bring them back to B&W).

I assumed that when I print a B&W image, it’s mostly the black ink cartridge that’s discharging. You’ll probably tell me I’m way off beam there, and when I think about it I don’t really know how a B&W picture can be printed using only the black ink cartridge, since the picture is made up of 255 shades of grey.

Are we talking about the difference between an RGB file and a Grayscale file? And if so, what can I do about it, because at the moment it’s just clever words!

Thanks, Hudechrome, I’m kinda glad it’s not just me with this unhelpful page structure.  I’m running Firefox in case anyone’s interested, v.

Discussion in ‘Digital Image Editing & Printing’ started by Rupert49, Nov 1, 2011.

6. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? Hudechrome-sd9sPI Jan 7, 2010 4:35 PM (in response to graynbow)

5. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? Chris Cox Jan 7, 2010 4:01 PM (in response to graynbow)

It sounds like you may have something different in your user preferences.

I don’t think so, I have printed many B&W pictures using just the black ink.

Thanks Fen; I’m not sure if the P50 offers the sort of choices you’ve outlined above, but I’ll certainly have a good look.

Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:

I use PSE7 and have an Epson P50 printer, loaded with Epson inks and Epson Glossy Photo Paper. I set the parameters so that ‘Photoshop Manages Colors’ and always check that ICM is ‘off’ in the printer preferences.

All my ink cartridges are viable, have plenty of ink in them, and all the nozzles are clean. My monitor is recently calibrated and I’m perfectly happy with the colour prints I get from the printer.However, my B&W prints currently have a magenta cast to them, not at all like the black & white images I see on my computer screen.

This does seem to reduce slightly when the prints have been standing for a little while.The Rendering Intent is set to Relative Colormetric as this usually works best for me. I’ve tried Perceptual and there’s no noticeable difference with the B&W pictures.

Absolute Colormetric appears to impart a slightly blue cast, and Saturation looks similar to the first two.I have noticed that the Source Space is set at sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (whatever that is!).I’m hoping that an experienced printer might suggest what is amiss here and how I can ensure that I produce nice crisp black and white pictures in the future, given the possible limitations of my set-up?

“The P50 is an Epson printer not HP.”Yes I am am well aware of this, which is why I said that I hadn’t had such problems with HP.

3. Re: Black and White pic – why is it purple? p_d_f Dec 24, 2009 3:28 PM (in response to graynbow)

Black and White pic – why is it purple? graynbow Dec 24, 2009 3:02 AM

Hi everyone.  Sorry about the delay answering, just got back from hols.

To be able to ‘dial in’ less magenta, I assume I have to choose ‘Printer Manages Colours’ where I would normally have selected ‘Photoshop Manages Colours’? There doesn’t appear to be an appropriate dialogue box in PSE7, otherwise I’d use that of course.

I’m not familiar with your printer. However, I do know that on some of the HP printers you can replace the colour cartridge with one that contains three shades of grey. Then there is no reason to have any kind of colour cast.

My own inexpensive HP printer doesn’t have this option but B/W prints still come out just that – all shades of grey between pure black and brilliant white.

I’m going to guess that it has to do with your printer settings.  Does it have a B&W setting?  I use an Epson printer with a grayscale setting.  The results are terrible.  My workaround is to print in color mode but I make color adjustments using adjustment layers.  If straight print looks too green I add red.  End result is I get a passable B&W print on matte paper and an excellent one on glossy.  Once you achieve the look you want ,save that file with the layers and you can use those layers on any print you wish to print as a B&W.

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You might will get a black one, or dare I say it, even worse… A white one

Thanks Roy, that’s helpful – I’ll give it a go and let you know.

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