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Black And White Prints Look Green

Black And White Prints Look Green Black And White Prints Look Green

Another thought: If you are using (say) an Epson printer, start out with Epson paper and Epson inks and see how it goes. Only ever change one thing at a time – paper or ink – and only change it once you have the first combination nailed.

If you can find an HP 8450 printer on Ebay (there are some in the UK that are not selling!) it will do a great job in my experience. I used HP inks and Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper for everything.

It’s one of the few A4 dye ink inkjet printers that the better paper makers have a downloadable paper profile for. Of course there might be newer printers now where that is the case. It produced genuinely neutral B&W prints.

(edit) the heads are also included in the ink cartridges for this printer, so although it makes them more expensive it also means that blocked heads are a non-issue – if cleaning doesn’t fit the problem a new cartridge will.

i think the canon above mine adds 2 extra blacks (i have a 9000 the 9500 would be the one)

and I posted this in another thread before I even noticed this B&W tinge “coincidence”, this new troll is talking just like the old troll

Oh my… It seems my calibrated profile gives me B&W images that look more greenish than the default profile on the MBP… What do I do?

a lot of printers will add a colour cast to b/w from making black/grey from combining colours. print grayscale (slower) and it won’t be an issue. there are also some printers that have a few dedicated gray/black inks (epson models)

The problem is that every paper/ink/printer combo will produce unique result. It is not really how good the printer is, but how well it is profiled. Unfortunately, the combinations are so vast, doing your own profiling is probably the most pain free approach if best prints are required.

I use Spyder3Print but there might be more affordable alternative.

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I was using dad’s printer for the first one which is a HP 6500 he tells me and my photographer friend uses a Canon but I am not sure which one.

I have gust brought my first box of Galerie smooth pearl paper, becouse it is getting good write-up. I have dowm loaded the icc from Ilford, but my prints ar not that good. I have a hp photosmart 8040 printer that is very good.

I am using ilford icc settings, in photoshop SC3, what ilford say to do, i have been doing. When i send a photo over to my free editing program PICAS 3, and use my printers srettings Paper/Qualily tab set to HP Premium high-gloss, and under the color tab Adobe RGB, the photos come out OK? can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong.

Many thanks geoff.

If your monitor is properly calibrated and the files are well prepared, then the printers needed to be profiled using something like Spyder3Print for accurate output. Each printer/ink/paper combination requires a separate profiling.

Okay, I have been using a Calibrated monitor for the last week, I use Lightroom’s B&W conversion button and then do all my PP. Then I printed a few A4 size photographs but surprise, they were slightly greenish! I went to a friend thinking there might be something wrong with the printers and he made some prints for me, again, greenish! What am I doing wrong?

Why not try hitting desaturate (or change the color space to grayscale) so that you know for a fact that your image is purely black and white then print again. If its still green, its the printer.You could always post the image here and we can tell you if its green.

Are you printing it as B&W? If yes, try printing it as color in printing setup – this many time resolves green tinting issue in B&W print and grey tones might come more natural.

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I thinking Noob = Student, that other user with a FF that fell in his lap and didn’t have a clue…

You can also get colour casts with particular ink/paper combinations, and you can also get metamerism – different casts in different lights.If your original is genuinely B&W** then it’s an ink / paper / printer problem.

BTW there were HP printers with several grey inks as well, and the one I used to use produced beautiful B&W prints on Ilford Galerie Smooth Perl paper, as well as beautiful colour prints. I don’t know what the current HP lineup is like, and I suspect Canon probably have some printers with grey inks as well.

**EDIT – if you have an eye dropper tool, the R,G and B values will be identical for all pixels.

When viewing prints that you are viewing them under the lighting conditions you with to display them under. Colour shifts caused by the Printers simulation of greys and the colour of lighting you are viewing the prints under can have an impact of the perception on neutral tones.

The paper can also have an effect on this however, if you are using an even half decent paper the results should be pretty neutral. This will blow your noodle…B&W chemical darkroom prints are green and white too.

Albeit the colouration is very subtle, but when you dunk them in selenium toner that colour cast is removed and the prints become truly archival and pure in tonality.

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