Black And White Vintage Christmas Pictures

best black and white pictures Black And White Vintage Christmas Pictures

best black and white pictures Black And White Vintage Christmas Pictures

Vintage everyday black and white photographs of christmas from between the 1930s and 1960s
Adorable vintage black and white christmas photo hanging stocking on fireplace
Christmas window shopping 18 of 19
Next year vintage christmas this picture gave me an idea of gathering old family christmas photos and displaying them for the holidays
Father christmas delivering presents to the childrens aid and adoption society at leytonstone london 20th november 1931 photo by fox photos getty
Animated gif vintage3d black and white vintage share or download kids
Black and white vintage gif
Vintage santa c1920s christmas pastchristmas feelingwhite
Vintage christmas
Thunderbirds christmas · white christmasvintage
Three young carol singers give their rendering of a christmas song in the falling snow 1955 photo by keystone getty images
Wagner 1900 vintage christmas card portraits
Man with a christmas tree in småland sweden 1973
Vintage christmas pictures black and white 15
Vintage christmas
Surrounded by santas 9 of 19
Animated gif merry christmas dancing black and white share or download 3d
Vintage christmas photos
Oh what i and a great many of you wouldnt give to have this fabulous prop for use in our own family portrait christmas cards
Two children waiting for santa claus photo by george marks retrofile getty

I don’t know about you, but when I think of life in the 1920 or 1930s, I have a totally misconceived notion that the world was in black and white or in some sepia toned hue. I know that this is not true. I know that reds, blues, oranges and chartreuses existed, but I just can’t make my mind believe that back in the day life was anything but white, black and various shades of gray.

A little village is set up around the tree with Santa there to greet one and all at the gate. Papateds Places

A bare bottomed little girl hanging up a very simple stocking on the mantle. Photo Source: Pixadaus

An elaborate set up featuring another one of those fences but with a toy train that travels around the tree trunk. Photo Source: Photo Source: Iomagraphy

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Adults gather around their tiny tree. Photo Source: Photography News

Two girls and their mother have their photo taken for Christmas. Note the strands of popcorn hanging about. Photo Source: Tattered and Lost Photographs

An odd pose, a woman posing lovingly with a tree branch. Photo Source: Blooming Visions

And since it is “the season,” we are celebrating the holidays with 20 very interesting black and white of images of Christmas past. But beyond the pictures being devoid of color, they give us a historical look at how the season was celebrated back in the day. From skinny Santas to fences around the trees, share these photos with your kids, just make sure you tell them that life really was in color.

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A young child is surrounded by a slew of Santas. Photo Source: Photography News

Looks like Christmas window shopping is a timeless past time. Photo Source: Dr. X

A slim and trim Santa feeds one of his reindeers. Photo Source: Vintage Photos

Notice the very early version of the kid leash. Photo Source: Photography News

A very formal Christmas portrait in front of a tinsel and candle covered tree. Photo Source: Blooming Visions

A little girl shows off her Christmas bounty. It looks like she did pretty good. Photo Source: No Pattern Required

A little baby opens up his Christmas presents. Looks like they got a “Cubby” whatever that is. Photo Source: Blooming Source

A far less full tree than what we are used to today. An interesting variety of presents wrapped in simple paper are under the tree. Photo Source: Papateds Places

Workmen in New York City pose alongside a large outdoor tree. Papateds Places

A woman hangs the last of her ornaments on her simple tree. Photo Source: Infomer Cantile

Yeah, these kids are pretty darn cute. Photo Source: Blooming Visions

A pretty creepy Santa, a pony and a toddler. A odd and interesting past Christmas image. Photo Source: Papateds Places

A brother and sister show off their Christmas costumes, he with his American Indian headdress and she with her cowgirl vest. Photo Source: Photography News

The reason? Photographs. Images that we see of era are almost always in black and white, making a mental connection especially since you’ve seen images like this all your life.

Black And White Vintage Christmas Pictures