Canon 60D Taking Black And White Photos

best black and white pictures Canon 60D Taking Black And White Photos

best black and white pictures Canon 60D Taking Black And White Photos

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I shoot with a 60D and agree completely with what Chuck said. The one qualification I’d make is that you might consider shooting in RAW+JPEG, setting the JPEG to monochrome. This way, the feedback on the LCD will be b/w, but the RAW file will be in full color. If you don’t shoot like to shoot in RAW, then I would definitely shoot color JPEGs and convert them in post. You give up way too much flexibility letting the camera do the conversion for you. 75 months ago (permalink)

Using Digital Photo Professional to Convert to Black-and-White

Press the Set button to access the Picture Style list, and use the down-arrow button to highlight Monochrome. Press the Set button again to select monochrome operation, and then press the Menu button to exit menu mode. Your camera is ready to shoot in black-and-white.

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One drawback with using Picture Style on-camera is the possibility of forgetting to change back to color mode. Many image editing applications can turn color photos into black-and-white after shooting, and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional ships with your camera, or, if you’ve misplaced your disk, you can download it from Canon’s support website.

Click on the Adjust image colors tab. Click and drag the Saturation slider all the way to the left. The color is removed from your photo, leaving a black-and-white image.

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There are two methods to access Picture Style. Each works the same way, and the methods are common to most Canon EOS models.

Like Musing said, I’m shooting RAW + Large JPEG. Camera settings: RAW + Large JPEG: In camera Monochrome, Green Filter on, Sharp +1, Contrast +2. then process in DPP. Play around with the Green & Red filters and up and down on contrast. If your JPEG’s look like crap you can still go back to your RAW files and re-adjust. Originally posted 74 months ago. (permalink) fallacious respect edited this topic 74 months ago.

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I have a Canon 60D with a 50mm f1.8 lens. I love shooting in b/w but whenever I have the camera set to monochrome the pictures always looks washed out. Q: Do you shoot in colour THEN post process or is it to do with the parameters that I set within the monochrome setting in my 60D?… I want to take b/w with a nice range from black, white and inbetween.Thanks in advance 11:49AM, 13 June 2012 PDT (permalink)

Press the down-arrow button to cycle through the Picture Style options until you find Monochrome. Press the Set button to select monochrome operation, and your camera is ready to shoot in black-and-white.

If the 60D is the same as the 40D and 5D2 which I use, the Monochrome setting has no contrast added as a default, whereas the colour Standard setting does. You’ll also notice the Landscape setting has sharpness set at 4.You can modify any of these settings or create up to 3 presets of your own.I would advise that you always shoot in the large RAW format as this gives you the best options for processing later.If you are shooting in JPG, the camera will have applied processing to the images for you. If you don’t want to control how your images look, JPEG is fine, but you will find all serious photographers shoot in RAW. 72 months ago (permalink)

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Press the down-arrow button. The Picture Style list appears on the LCD screen.

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Open Digital Photo Professional and navigate to the folder containing photos to convert. Double-click the image to open the editor.

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Shooting in black-and-white with any Canon EOS requires a simple change to the Picture Style setting, available in the camera’s menus. It’s also possible to shoot in full color and convert your images to black-and-white using software supplied with your camera.

Click File on the menu bar and Save As from the drop-down list. Name your black-and-white photo and click Save. You now have both the color original and the black-and-white copy.

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Press the Menu button, and then use the right-arrow button to the right of the LCD screen to scroll through the menu pages until you find Picture Style. Use the down-arrow button to highlight the item.

I have 60D and I shoot in color then turn it black and white. you may want to keep the color so why shoot it black and white? 75 months ago (permalink)

Canon 60D Taking Black And White Photos