Colour Splash Flower Photography

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Colour Splash Flower Photography

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Colour Splash Flower Photography.

Photographed outside in the afternoon shade with a macro lens.  

There is an alternative way but it does not leave sharp edges, and that is to use the Radial Filter. I used this for a few above where the fade between color and black & white are gradual. Just draw the Radial Filter over your flower, and the turn the saturation slider down. Everything outside the ring will now go gray. The saturation slider works better with this filter and you won’t have to do it twice.

I Googled this approach to photo processing and I could not find an “official” name for the technique. I’ve seen it described as “color splash” or “color spotting” but I assume there is some academic label used in the graphic arts. If you know of it, drop me a post.

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions to make this effect:

To get those blurry backgrounds, I usually shoot wide open at f/2.8.  This low number represents a very wide lens aperture that has the effect of narrowing focus to just an inch or so.  This is called a narrow depth of field.  If your lens does not open this far, that is OK, just put your camera in Aperture Priority Mode, open your aperture to its lowest number, zoom in,, move in close, and try to get your background to be far away.  These tips will help you get that nice dreamy background you see used by professionals all time.  Of course buying a lens that opens to f/2.8 makes this easier, but as you would expect, these lenses can become quite expensive (no surprise there!).

To be honest, painting takes time as the “auto mask” doesn’t work all that well and you have to magnify the pic to 3:1 and be very careful to get the flower edges correct. But, that is what the beer is for…. take your time! It is OK.

I’ve been shooting flowers again lately; something that feels great doing in the spring after a craptastic winter.  I never tire of this even though I have probably thousands of shots. Needless to say, the delete key is my best friend and I am only keeping my best blossoms.  Looking back over my library of pics, I find it interesting that at one time, I thought everything I snapped was worth keeping. Now, I realize most of what I shoot is crap and only worthy of the bit bin.

What do you think of these black and white pics with a spot of color? When I first saw this color effect used in mass media around twenty years ago, I hated it as it looked unnatural and was being used to sell me something. Now with these powerful photo editing tools, I can whip one of these up in about twenty minutes and 1.5 beers…. and I think I like them.  I displayed a few in the carousel above with and without this effect so you to compare and judge for yourself.

Your image will be printed on fabric in razor-sharp quality and with brilliant colours and with its subtly textured surface; it transforms any photo into a unique gallery work that is full of life. During the thermal sublimation process, the colours are completely evaporated into the material. The resolution of up to 720 dpi and the enlarged CMYK colour spectrum allows accurate colour reproduction with clear contours. We only use textiles that are free of harmful substances and that have been awarded the internationally recognised Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. Your image is mounted on the solid wood stretcher frame in its true form using only, high quality stretcher frames made of solid wood. The spruce wood comes from German suppliers and is sourced from sustainable forests. To give the stretcher frames permanent protection from losing shape, we triple reinforce the corners under the textile print using metal braces. When mounting on the stretcher frame we avoid using wedges – the frame is so stable that you won’t need to loosen or tighten it at a later stage and it will arrive ready to hang.  

Crop and process your pic as you normally would do, leaving the color. Using the brush, paint the entire photo except what you want as color. Zoom to 2:1 or 3:1 Turn on “show selected mask overlay” to see where you painted Paint close to the flower but don’t touch it leaving a tiny gap Turn on “auto mask” and now paint the edges of the flower (auto mask recognizes edges and won’t paint into the flower) Turn the saturation slider all the way left.

Try turning down contrast all the way as this will take out some harshness of the gray background Try dropping exposure down a bit for more drama Start a new brush and do it again, as the saturation slider will not take out all color.

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I used LightRoom to make these color splash photos. LightRoom is the tool I use to process all of my photos but it is not a tool for heavy photo manipulation such as adding text or layering in a sombrero on your Chihuahua. I am sure there are other tools more suited to do color splash, but with a bit of time and enough beers, LightRoom works well to make this artistic effect.

Colour Splash Effect, (Snow-cap) Fuchsia on a Textured Layer

Textile print on stretcher frame – a fabric print using modern technology 

Colour Splash Effect, (Snow-cap) Fuchsia on a Textured Layer 

Superior Ideas These superior ideas are that can assist you look previous all the basic ideas which cover most elements of photography. The digital camera gear, tools and equipment are issues that provide help to take higher photographs. These tips are there that will help you acquire deeper information , looking at a doable message, experience or emotion you wish to portray. This text helps the place and when to make use of issues similar to micro-contrast. Also learn how to successfully use and place the blackest areas of the photograph in relation to the mid-tone gray areas. Your images will benefit immensely.

How To Make an Image Black and White in Photoshop & Lightroom All cameras, except for the Leica M Monochrom, take photographs in colour. If you`d like a black and white picture , then it`s essential convert the colour to a monochrome state. There are lots of methods you can do this, but only some gives you the absolute best quality and tonal range. Read our article right here on how you can make an image black and white, without dropping quality , detail or other important factors.

Submit -Processing Black and White Photography All digital editing software for Mac, PC, smartphone or Android gives a conversion from colour to black and white. Until you took a color photograph , converted it into black and white in a non- destructive manner , you can`t revert it. The information is no longer there. There are numerous methods to transform to black and white, a few of which are non- damaging ( lets you go back to colour if you like) but only a few methods the place you possibly can convert the picture properly. This article tells you what you should or shouldn’t be doing to get probably the most out of your photographs.

The right way to Edit Photos on Cell Now that we have now regarded primarily at DSLRs, let’s flip our attention in direction of cell photography. Taking pictures along with your cell is fast and simple , and now changing and processing your pictures into black and whites isn`t any more difficult. This article reveals you easy methods to utilize an app to show these photographs into one thing really dramatic.

How to Manage Photographs in Submit - Manufacturing Working with black and white images shouldn`t be the identical as working with colour – both have different focuses and want totally different areas of attention. The Black and White images can benefit from colours. Including yellow into the picture using a color mixer can affect the detail within the sky. This brings out characteristics in an otherwise overexposed section of the image. Additionally , tweaking of contrasts and highlights can have very dramatic ends in a Black and White photograph.

Things to Consider When Enhancing Black and White Photographs When it comes down to the editing of your photographs , the hardware will be just as vital because the software you use. Your pc monitor may have a color administration system that may show your pictures in a different way to the color administration of the printing. Also , where you edit the pictures can also be important , creating colour casts that change how you see our images. You might think that black and white pictures is not going to be affected, but they nonetheless use color data in the grey , mid-tone areas of your work. No matter you`ll be doing with your images as a closing product, be it a book or an exhibition, all of them want totally different treatments.

The way to Use Tonal Distinction with Pictures The tonal vary in black and white photography is one of the most necessary things to focus on. The range is basically the degree of how shiny or how dark parts of your picture are. The bigger the tonal range , which means the extra dark and light areas there are, the more impressive the image. Although contrast works well in each color and black and white, the latter wants it extra to stand out and make a lasting impression.

10 Tips for Using Luminosity Masks in Digital Mixing Luminosity masks are a characteristic in Photoshop that helps you isolate areas of a high gentle depth within the photograph ’s pixels. With these selections , you possibly can select areas of the photograph and solely work on particular tones, not the whole image. These are great to help boost the focus and look of a particular object in your frame. This text offers you an excellent rundown, from creating the masks to the completed image.

Easy methods to Transition From Taking to Making the Photograph Ansel Adams stated , “You don’t take a photograph , you make it”. This guide takes you through many ideas. Trying on the fundamental components , what makes an important photograph and the best way to make it right into a remaining , polished print. Focusing on the essential concepts and continuing to identify , isolate and control the elements will assist your photographic confidence.

The way to Edit Black And White Photographs in Lightroom Lightroom is without doubt one of the best tools out there that will help you get the best from your photography. It`s simple and quick to choose -up and will help together with your workflow. Presets are a great way to get very spectacular images. They are also quick and simple to make use of and are created by photographic fanatics or Adobe itself. On this article, you may get an concept of what you ought to be taking a look at in relation to enhancing your work and the best way to achieve dramatic results.

Processing Photos in Photoshop Compared to the benefit of processing images in Lightroom, Photoshop is a bit more difficult and requires extra learning time. This text helps you to get the most effective out of your black and white picture by working with color layers, filters and blending options.

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