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Decorating With Black And White Pictures

Decorating With Black And White Pictures Decorating With Black And White Pictures

In fact, they are one feature that might be as old as our ability to create permanent dwellings!

One of our favorite things about black-and-white photographs is their ability to make a bold statement sans color. These oversize versions, with every line and detail shown in strong relief, bolster that boldness, creating a look that’s both evocative and transporting.

You can’t talk about black-and-white photography without mentioning fashion. Whether it’s a vintage reproduction from a 1950s shoot or a more contemporary photo with an edge, this subject matter is guaranteed to add a little glamour and style cred to your space.

Idea to steal: You don’t always have to hang your art. As evidenced here, a casual lean—whether on the floor, a desk, or another surface—is an easy way to bring a relaxed feel to your space (plus, no tools required!).

Accent colors look far more impressive when surrounded by black and white

Design firm Pierce & Ward transforms the jewelry designer’s L.A. abode

With home owners and designers sticking to backdrops in warm earthen shades of cool muted tones, an image in color can often disturb the flowing form. Black and white photographs add uniqueness, depth, character and style to walls without upsetting the color scheme of the room. They also seem to accentuate the impact of accent colors like red, yellow and green. Doubling up as lovely standalone art pieces that blend with plush neutral décor and as cool personal image collection, black and white prints are multidimensional and easy to incorporate.

When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls! This goes for all black and white prints as they capture the essence of a natural setting and go much beyond the exterior. It is this special quality of black and white images that makes them so mesmerizing and transcendental.

Eclectic kids’ bedroom with fashionable prints in black and white

Floating shelves make it easier to decorate with photographsStacked and leaning photographs exude a lovely casual vibe

Idea to steal: If you don’t have enough framed photographs to fill an entire wall, a large mirror or a contrasting piece of art is a stylish way to fill space—and create a dazzling focal point.

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Black and white photographs carry along with them a sense of nostalgia and the charm of an era gone by. Photographs are all about capturing those fleeting moments of time that never reiterate. Black and white prints carry a depth that seems to be missing even in the most extravagant color images. Add to it the contrast of the two shades along with the grays and you have a framed image that seems to take you back in time instantly. Unlike wall art in color, these images seem sophisticated and stylish in an unassuming and modest manner.

Though they don’t add any color, black-and-white photographs make a compelling complement to an all-neutral space. They strike a perfect balance, providing a graphic punch that anchors the room without overwhelming the muted tones and varied textures.

Captivating photographs by Helmut Newton for the contemporary home office

Because of its lack of color, black-and-white photography goes with nearly every other type of art and thus can really help unite an otherwise disparate-feeling gallery. This mix features works in all genres and mediums, from landscape oil paintings to figure sketches—but the grouping feels cohesive thanks in part to these photos.

Bedrooms offer a private hub to frame and treasure your most cherished moments

Black and white photographs of stars from cinema’s golden era for the home theater

Textured and wavy wall in white complements the image of a crashing wave perfectly

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Iconic artist Sally Mann’s photographs form a perfect backdrop for the Egg Chair

Idea to steal: The easiest way to expand your black-and-white photography collection is to look to your own past. Break out that shoebox of old family photos and find your favorites to frame. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to add a little personal character and history to your gallery.

Wooden backdrop in dark brown presents a stunning canvas for black and white prints

Single photograph in black and white can be equally appealing

Long corridors in white bring home an art gallery atmosphere!Modern bathroom in white with a neatly placed black and white print

Gorgeous black and white print of Audrey Hepburn is a dramatic addition to this scarlet setting

Usher in some much needed contrast with black and white prints

We’re breaking it down step by step, from artwork to lighting

Idea to steal: Mix up the size, scale, and subject matter of your black-and-white photographs to create a look that feels varied and layered but still consistent and coordinated.

Chocolate and vanilla living space with single large photograph

Adding to the black and white panorama!Rule of threes seems to work pretty well for photographs as well!

Black and white photographs add to neutral interiors without disturbing the color scheme

Personal photographs in the bedroom give your home an exclusive appealGlittering interiors in black and white with a hint of red

We team up with the designers of Kapito Muller for fresh ways to spruce up

Bring in uniformity despite varying sizes of photo-frames by using black and white prints

Floating shelves and tops of bookcases are also great places to decorate with photographs. These give you the added benefit of doings o without causing any damage to the walls. Whether it is a single large image of a nature at its imperious best, or a star from an era gone by or a snapshot of an important moment in your past, black and white photographs bring them alive with class. Easy to try out, these displays transform your interiors instantly. Give them a shot and notice the new-found sophistication!

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Fashion prints, family photos, dramatic landscapes: Black-and-white photographs run the gamut in terms of subject matter—and are just as variable when it comes to options for display. We love them for their chameleon-like ability to adapt to their surroundings; as you’ll see here, they feel at home in glamorous settings and pared-down rooms alike. Read on to discover their stylish range and see just how to display them in your own space.

Splashes of yellow accents surround photo arrangement in black and white

Square frames in a large frame arrangement give the room geometric variance

Grey contemporary interiors stylishly combined with black and white printsSleek and stylish dining room with hints of redSnapshot in black and white takes center stage here

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Picture ledge with black and white photos creates an elegant focal point in a bright room

There are times when we obsess about décor and furnishings. Some of us save up to buy that single iconic chair or loveseat that will elevate the interiors to a whole new level. Then there are occasions when we endlessly ponder over color schemes and accent hues. Yet, the most personal and beautiful part of a home is often a display of some cherished moments framed up and arranged with cherished symmetry.

Sophisticated Vancouver residence draped in black, white and gray

Add some adventure to your interiors with travel inspired black and white canvas

Despite this age-old fascination with photographs, contemporary residences and semi-minimalist trends are altering the way we look at adorning our walls with prints. Decorating with black and white photography is seeing new heights thanks to improved cameras and the growing inclination to use neutral colors and muted tones. Here are a few arrangements and dazzling displays that will inspire you to get started on this bold and striking path –

Cute and cuddly additions to a cozy bedroom in cream and white

Idea to steal: One of our favorite styling tricks for rooms with elaborate architectural details is to hang artwork on top of molding. It’s a move that creates a more casual vibe but doesn’t cover up or detract from the architecture.

While interior design is all about filling up the empty space within the walls, one must never fill a home completely. There must always be an empty spot on the wall waiting for the perfect photograph or print to come along. This way, when you do find that last missing piece, you will have the satisfaction of a completed quest and a room waiting to welcome its latest addition!

Photographs and photo galleries are nothing new when it comes to interior design.

The most important aspect of creating an art gallery or display in black and white is lighting. Just like in every other case, lighting can make or break your picturesque collection. Rail or track lighting is always best option as they shed spotlight squarely on the lovely framed prints. This also helps eliminate any chance of glare disturbing the aesthetic appeal of the collection. Black and white photographs can be mixed and matched in several different ways. Photo frames in various sizes can come together to offer contrast even as their lack of color forms a flowing and unifying factor.

Wall next to the staircase is a popular spot for the display of photographs

The Dying swan in black and white steals the show here with grace and balance!

What could make black-and-white photography sing more than a brightly painted backdrop? This saturated blue makes for a striking contrast, and it’s the perfect pairing if you’re looking to tap into that glamorous Old Hollywood vibe.

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Custom photo wall display looks far more impressive when done in black and white

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