Depressed Photography Black N White

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Man person black and white white photography thinking young darkness black monochrome lonely sad temple photograph
Depressed Photography Black N White

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Twenty one-year-old photographer Edward Honaker documents his own depression in powerful self-portraits. The series of black and white images illustrates the photographer’s experience with depression and anxiety.

Different people have different ways of coping with depression, and for Edward Honaker, that coping mechanism is his self-portrait photography. His photos turn his depression into something that can be seen and, hopefully, better understood.

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Photographer Documents His Own Depression In Dark Self-Portraits

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Category: Photography Date: September 24, 2015 Author: Jessica Jungbauer

In an attempt to raise awareness of the topic, Honaker says about the project: “Mental health disorders are such a taboo topic. If you ever bring it up in conversation, people awkwardly get silent, or try to tell you why it’s not a real problem. When I was in the worst parts of depression, the most helpful thing anyone could have done was to just listen to me – not judging, not trying to find a solution, just listen. I’m hoping that these images will help open up conversation about mental health issues. Everyone is or will be affected by them one way or another, and ignoring them doesn’t make things better.”

“It’s kind of hard to feel any kind of emotion when you’re depressed, and I think good art can definitely move people,” he continued.

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The 21-year-old photographer was diagnosed with depression two years ago. “All I knew is that I became bad at the things I used to be good at, and I didn’t know why,” he told Huffpost. “Your mind is who you are, and when it doesn’t work properly, it’s scary.”

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