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I think portrait photography is beautiful as it captures a person in a very natural way where it is just a person without props or anything else

Arguably one of the most famous American portrait photographers, Annie Leibovitz is known for her exceptional work photographing the portraits of celebrities. She has worked for Rolling Stone Magazine, Vanity Fair, and a few other fashion and pop-culture publications.

One of the most famous portraits of all time comes from Steve McCurry. Known as “Afghan Girl“, it is commonly compared to the Mona Lisa and other famous works of art.

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A photographer of the American West and Native American peoples, Edward S. Curtis was one of the earliest portrait photographers, being born in 1868.

Portrait photography is a constant challenge and requires the photographers creativity in order to really achieve beautiful portraits.

From celebrities to politicians to world leaders and thought provokers, Yousuf Karsh photographed the best of the best.

Steve McCurry is an American Photojournalist who has done work for National Geographic and has won countless awards for his photojournalism and coverage of various wars throughout history.

Her use of bold colors, intriguing light, and unique poses is what ultimately helped her work gain exposure.

One of the more common types of photography, especially in the digital age of the “selfie“, is portrait photography. Also known as portraiture, portrait photography is the art of taking a photo of a single person or group of people, capturing their most real mood and emotion.

Philippe is the photographer responsible for some of the 20th century’s most recognizable portraits. He was an American portrait photographer who had some eccentric photography.

He was very famous in the era of vintage film and the rise of the cinema. His most famous subjects included Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, and the Beatles.

A portrait photographer from South Wales, Angus McBean is remembered for his portrait photography of celebrities in the early 1900s.

His best work includes portraits of Marlon Brando, Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, and more.

Hist work was intriguing and prominent in the fields of fashion and style.

She truly can be considered one of the best portrait photographers of all time as her work during the Depression showed the faces and emotions of so many affected.

Nina Berman is fearless. Using the camera as witness, she trains her lens on the militarization of American life and the media dialogue around war, patriotism, and sacrifice. The author of two monographs, Purple Hearts – Back from Iraq and Homeland, Berman explores the way in which the “War on Terror” has become integrated into American life after 9/11, both on the domestic and foreign fronts, revealing the imprint of a haunting new world.

He has a unique style and leans toward black and white for most of hist work.

Her philosophy involved taking real photos. Photos that involved flaws and shortcomings, not beautified perfection.

Her portrait photography is consistent with this as she primarily photographed marginal people such as dwarfs, giants, nudists, performers, and other deviants.

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Dave Schubert is an army-brat who was given his first camera by his father to help him overcome the trauma of moving. A self-taught photographer, Schubert began shooting the skateboard scene in the 1990s, and went on to create some iconic images of the age like the photograph of Dash Snow wearing nothing but a hat while smoking a cigarette while lounging in a bathtub of Polaroids. He’s so low-key, he doesn’t even have a website. Schubert lives and works in San Francisco, where he sometimes publishes zines and exhibits his work. He’s the type of photographer who proves patience is a virtue.

She is known for her work photographing victims of the Great Depression and was very important in the development of documentary photography.

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At the age of 14, Slava Mogutin moved from his native Siberia to Moscow, where he worked as a reporter. By the age of 21, he was the target of two highly publicized criminal cases, charged with, among other things, “malicious hooliganism.” In 1994, he attempted to register for the first same-sex marriage in Russia. A year later he was forced into exile, moving to New York where he began a career in photography. His work has been exhibited around the world and published in two monographs, Lost Boys and NYC Go-Go. Most recently, Mogutin released Food Chain, the first translated volume of his Russian writings.

Yousuf Karsh was an Armenian-Canadian portrait photographer most widely recognized for his clientele. When it came to portrait photography, he photographed all the top people in the world.

Born in London, Nick Knight is one of the greatest fashion photographers of our age. His first book of photographs, Skinhead, was published in 1982, an auspicious start for the young lad. He began shooting for i-D magazine, which launched a fashion, music, and commercial career that has spanned over 30 years. In 2000, Knight launched SHOWstudio.com, an online fashion broadcasting company specializing in new, live fashion media. Always on the cutting edge, Nick Knight is.

Hailing from Newark, Eric Johnson currently lives in a midtown Manhattan loft that is at once a photo studio, gallery, a disco and lounge. The space, called Upstairs at Eric’s, is reminiscent of the old school energies of New York. Since 2006, Johnson has been the photographing the heads that come through the space for a series of portraits and candid photographs of old school favorites likes Maxwell and Rosie Perez, as well as up-and-coming artists like LE1F and Junglepussy.

One requires a certain gift, a passion, a talent, a desire, and above all, a need to create photographs, to use the camera as an extension of the self and share an ongoing vision of and with the world. Photographers are singular types, much like cats, making their own way in the world. Crave Online looks at 7 of the top photographers of the 21 century so far, each producing epic bodies of work.

Some of Yousuf’s subjects included Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Helen Keller, Grace Kelly, and so many others.

Herb Ritts was an American Fashion and Portrait photographer who took most of his photos in black and white, with a unique touch. He positioned his models in the style of classical Greek sculpture.

JR is a revolutionary. Using the streets of the world as his canvas, he has captured the imagination of people around the world in his glorious celebration of the common man and woman. A self-described “photo-graffeur” JR employees the tenets of graffiti to scout and prepare for the best quality locations for his work. From the favelas of Brazil to separation wall between Israel and Palestine, JR uses these locations for his artwork, commanding attention. Whether using a full or cropped face, the result is the same: JR made you look and in doing so he forces you to see. What that ultimately means is open to interpretation…

In the first moments of her video interview for the Whitney Museum of American Art, artist Davey looks back 2001’s Mary, Marie and We Are Young and We Are Friends of Time]. “They’re mail art essentially,” she says, photographs of published letters and diaries of Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) and Mary Wollstonecraft (an 18th-century advocate of women’s rights) folded and sent to various friends and family. Her photographs pick out particular words from the appropriated literature, which are then assembled in symbolic groupings. Although their final resting place is tacked onto a museum wall beneath floodlights, Davey urges the audience to imagine these physical photographs’ passage through time and space via the postal service. Her process echoes Alighiero Boetti’s mailing project, reinterpreting and admiring the marks of reality, incident, and coincidence.

Miss Rosen is a New York-based writer, curator, and brand strategist. There is nothing she adores so much as photography and books. A small part of her wishes she had a proper library, like in the game of Clue. Then she could blaze and write soliloquies to her in and out of print loves.

Known for her black and white portrait photography of seemingly ugly or surreal people, Diane Arbus is one of the more unique portrait photographers out there.

Swedish born photographer Per-Anders Pettersson became a photographer while serving in the military. After completing service, he began traveling the world on contract with a Swedish newspaper. In April 1994, he arrived in South Africa to report on the elections, and never left. For the past two decades he has been documenting the continent, winning numerous awards. His first book Rainbow Transit looks at South Africa in the decade following Mandela’s presidency.

The Top 7 Photographers of the 21st Century (So Far)Getty Images.

He photographed many famous icons in American pop-culture and beyond and was very good at switching up the usual style of fashion and portrait photography with his unique photos. Find a more complete bio of him on Artsy.

Emma Elizabeth Tillman can make a run to be on this list in the near future.

He took stunning portraits for various Native American’s and each photo tells a story. Effectively he is prominent in visualizing American history, and that is why he is one of the best portrait photographers.

Antonin Kratochvil is a photojournalist and portrait photographer from Czechoslovakia. His work unique in that he has photographed everything from celebrities to war victims.

An influential documentary photographer and American photojournalist, Dorothea Lange was fundamental in documenting the Depression Era.

Some of the best portraits involve the most authentic capture of human emotion and expression. Learn more about photography from the best portrait photographers below.

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Known for pushing the bar and heavily influencing American style, Richard Avedon is one of the most prominent fashion and portrait photographers of all time.

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