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Honda CBR 150R
Honda memang sudah berubah setidaknya dari sodoran warna terbaru new cbr150r versi 2017 taste pabrikan sayap mengepak banyak mengalami kemajuan
Honda cbr 150r
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Honda Cbr 150R Black And White Black And White Photography.

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No. 814/708, Ramagondanahalli, Opp Laughing Waters, Varthur Road, Whitefield. Karnataka

Powerful 125cc engine. Dual disc brake offers ample power. Advanced PGM-Fi technology, increases efficiency.Wide tubeless tyres gives enhanced handling and excellent grip. Storage space under seat. Crystal clear head light.

Advanced liquid cooling system. Hosted with racing strips. Sporty full covering.

Get the best price for your old bike. Sell your bike at the Largest Used Bike Market.

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  • Reserve Fuel Capacity 2 L
  • Mileage 38 Kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 13 L
  • Overall Riding Range 494 km

“Kami menghadirkan CBR150R ini dengan konsep Total Control. Warna dan stripe baru ini akan memperkuat jiwa balap pemiliknya melalui desain yang agresif,” kata Direktur Pemasaran Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Thomas Wijaya dalam keterangan resmi, Senin (17/4/2017).

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State, City Ex Showroom Price On Road Price Chandigarh Rs. 1,18,562 Rs. 1,25,233 Tripura, Agartala Rs. 1,21,028 Rs. 1,23,983 Gujarat, Ahmedabad Rs. 1,22,872 Rs. 1,31,182 Mizoram, Aizawl Rs. 1,20,982 Rs.

1,22,887 Karnataka, Bangalore Rs. 1,21,968 Rs. 1,40,294 Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal Rs. 1,20,561 Rs. 1,30,951 Orissa, Bhubaneshwar Rs. 1,23,372 Rs. 1,31,624 View price in other cities

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Vibrant Orange, Black and Candy Plam Green, Black and Pearl Sunbeam White, Sports Red.

“Sejak diperkenalkan awal tahun lalu, penerimaan masyarakat pada motor ini terus meningkat,” ucap Thomas.

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JAKARTA – PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) memperkenalkan pilihan warna dan stripe baru untuk New Honda CBR150R dengan penampilan lebih agresif dan gagah. Honda menghadirkan dua pilihan warna baru dengan desain berkonsep speedy shape, yaitu Victory Black Red dan Slick Black White.

AHM juga tetap mempertahankan varian balap dari New Honda CBR150R, yaitu Honda Racing Red dan Repsol Edition yang digemari para pecinta dan pengendara motor sport.Direktur Pemasaran AHM Thomas Wijaya mengatakan semenjak diperkenalkan pada awal tahun lalu, New Honda CBR150R sangat diminati oleh para pengendara motor sport di Indonesia.

Penerimaan masyarakat untuk motor ini meningkat sebesar 26,1% sepanjang tahun 2016.

TypeMotorcycleEngine Displacement149.40 ccEngine TypeLiquid cooled, 4 stroke SI DOHCEngine StartingElectric startMaximum Power13.1 KW @ 10500 rpmMaximum Torque12.66 Nm @ 8500 rpmTransmission6-speed ManualGear Shift Pattern1 Down 5 UpTop Speed130 kmph Electricals Battery Brakes Front Brake276 mmRear Brake220 mm Chassis and Suspension FrameFront SuspensionTelescopic forkRear SuspensionMono suspension Tyres Wheel TypeFront Tyre100/80-17Rear Tyre130/70-17 Dimensions Length x Width x Height2000 x 825 x 1120 mmWheelbase1305 mmWeight138 kgGround Clearance190 mmPetrol Tank Capacity13 litres

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Ini Daftar Ponsel Pancarkan Radiasi Tinggi, Xiaomi dan OnePlus Terbanyak

APHonda, a Thai owned, Honda affiliated company established in 1986 revealed a more masculine bike Honda CBR150R, 150cc 4-stroke sport bike for the new generation with lots of innovation and advanced technology. The design of Honda CBR150R seems to be inspired from the Honda’s VFR series which presents the look of a big engined bike. To place it far more than sporty bike it includes step-up seat which gives CBR150R a sporty touch with split grab rail which further endows the looks of the bike. It is integrated with a liquid cooled 150cc engine and its small exhaust pipe design creates an awesome look for it which ended with chrome. It also includes telescopic shocks at the front while the rear is equipped with a monoshock one. These features gives you comfort shrinking the jerks and bump at rough roads and offers dynamic relaxed riding experience.

Highway Mileage38 km per litreCity Mileage32 km per litreOverall Mileage35 km per litre

Viral Honda Scoopy Dihancurkan Adi, Yamaha Ikut Bicara Kualitas

No 1, Sapthagiri Arcade, Hoody Village, ITPL Main Road, Mahadevapura Post. Karnataka

  • No. Of Gears 6
  • Clutch Wet Multiplate Type
  • Rear Suspension Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type (Monoshock)
  • Chassis Type Diamond
  • Front Suspension Telescopic
  • vs
  • Suzuki Gixxer
  • CB Hornet 160R
  • More than 2 lakh bikes sold till date.
  • No commission on sale.
  • Started in 2007 – First bike portal in India.
  • Loan Assistance for Buyers.
  • Usual time to sell between 1 to 21 days.
  • Height 1120 mm
  • Seat Height 1120 mm
  • Length 2000 mm
  • Wheelbase 1305 mm
  • Width 825 mm
  • Kerb Weight 138 kg
  • Ground Clearance 190 mm
  • Starting Mechanism Self Start
  • Max Torque 12.66 Nm @ 8500 rpm
  • Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection
  • Valves Per Cylinder 4
  • No Of Cylinder 1
  • Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
  • Max Power 18.28 bhp @ 10500 rpm
  • Engine Cc 149.4 cc

674×446, 184 views Honda CBR150R Front 3-Quarter ‘Black/White’

667×447, 144 views Honda CBR150R Front 3-Quarter ‘Black/Green’

Kolaborasi Virgil Abloh x Evian dalam Botol Kaca “Rainbow Inside”

Jakarta, – Agar tidak kalah saing dengan rivalnya, Yamaha R15, Honda CBR150R punya warna dan stripe baru. Dua kelir baru itu, yakni Victory Black Red dan Slick Black White.

  • Pillion Grabrail
  • Tachometer Analogue
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Gear Indicator
  • Pillion Seat
  • Speedometer Digital
  • Pass Light
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Fuel Warning Indicator
  • Engine Kill Switch
  • Tripmeter Count
  • Tripmeter Type Digital
  • Low Oil Indicator
  • Clock

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  • Wheel Size 17 inches
  • Rear Tyre 130/70-17 Tubeless
  • Wheel Type Alloy Wheel
  • Front Tyre 100/80-17 Tubeless

No.356, Outer Ring Road Junction, Left turn after A2B Restaurant, Towards Bellandur, Marthahalli bridge. Karnataka

Honda has its share of performance bikes and the CBR150R adds to that portfolio. This one is the younger and more docile sibling of the popular CBR 250R. A host of design cues have been picked up from the elder one but it differentiates itself with the two-tone paint scheme Honda uses. The CBR150R is powered by a single cylinder, fuel-injected 149.4cc engine which produces 18.28bhp and it a fun thing to ride around the urban setting. It’s mated to a 6-speed gearbox and Honda has managed to bring in a sense of sportiness and fuel efficiency as well. A bit powerful than its rival, the Yamaha R15, the CBR150R helps Honda break into the growing segment of affordable sport bikes.

2000×1404, 182 views Honda CBR150R Front 3-Quarter ‘Red/White’

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  • Bike Img Color1 Color2 Color3 15 More

Honda has stopped the production of its motorcycle CBR 150R and hence the given price is not relevant. If you want to check the price of second hand CBR 150R, try our Bike Valuation Tool.

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Berkat warna baru itu, motor sport 150 cc Honda itu punya empat pilihan kelir. Varian terbaru dijual Rp 32.975.000, versi livery Honda Racing Red Rp 33.675.000, dan edisi Repsol Rp 33.875.000 on the road DKI Jakarta.

Fast Facts Type Sports Top Speed 134 km/h Length 2000 mm Width 825 mm Height 1120 mm Weight 138 kg Wheelbase 1305 mm Manufacturer HMSI Predecessor Honda NSR 150 Engine 149.4cc Gearbox 6-Speed Maximum Power 18.

28 Bhp @ 10500 rpm Maximum Torque 12.66 Nm @ 8500 rpm Seat Height 795 mm Know More Honda CBR150R

Penjelasan Dedengkot Pecinta Honda Soal Mudahnya Adi Hancurkan Scoopy

“Untuk para pecinta motor sport sejati, kami menghadirkan New Honda CBR150R dengan konsep Total Control yang dapat membuat konsumen merasakan kemudahan mengendalikan motor ini di segala kondisi dan menghasilkan kecepatan dan kelincahan mumpuni di segala lintasan.

Kami juga memperkenalkan pilihan warna dan stripe baru yang akan memperkuat jiwa balap pemiliknya melalui desain yang agresif,” ujarnya, dalam keterangan tertulis yang dilansir SINDOnews, Senin (17/4/017).

New Honda CBR150R hadir dengan konsep ‘Total Control’ yang mampu memberikan handling sempurna di segala jenis jalanan, serta didukung dengan torsi yang memberikan kenyamanan serta kemudahan bermanuver dalam penggunaan harian di perkotaan.

Model ini dilengkapi dengan evolusi performa dan desain agresif yang berorientasi pada kecepatan, serta garis aerodinamis tegas dan tajam yang diperkaya fitur racing yang sesungguhnya. New Honda CBR150R dibekali inovasi chassis yang menghadirkan keseimbangan optimal, ketinggian tempat duduk yang diatur untuk kenyamanan serta pengendalian yang sempurna, serta penyematan fitur canggih dan posisi berkendara layaknya pebalap sejati.

Sisi depan New Honda CBR150R tampil lebih rendah dan ramping sehingga memberikan pandangan lebih bebas bagi pengendara dan merasa lebih dekat dengan jalanan. Desain tampilan kokpit hadir dengan panelmeter yang lebih ramping dilengkapi dengan indikator digital yang mudah dilihat dan Aeroplane Fuel Cap, serta All LED System semakin mempertegas karakter racing yang agresif.

Keseluruhan pengembangan ini tidak hanya untuk tampilan yang lebih baik, namun juga membuatnya lebih mudah dipakai bermanuver karena bobot yang lebih ringan dan massa diarahkan ke titik pusat. New Honda CBR150R mampu melesat optimal di jalan maupun sirkuit dengan mengusung mesin 150cc DOHC-6 kecepatan, 4-valve, berpendingin cairan (liquid-cooled).

Performa tingginya menghasilkan tenaga 13,2 kW (18 PS)/9.000 rpm dan torsi 14,4 Nm (1,47 kgf.m)/7.000 rpm yang membuat pengendara nyaman bermanuver di jalanan. Model sport Honda ini tetap hemat bahan bakar dengan konsumsi mencapai 39,72 km/liter dengan metode pengetesan EURO 3 yang dilakukan perusahaan berdasarkan metode ECE R40.

Hal ini diperoleh berkat aplikasi dari teknologi minim gesekan yang meminimalkan pemakaian bahan bakar namun tetap bertenaga.

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The mini CBR from Honda. Mated with DOHC engine, the CBR 150R stands to be the right rival or stands next track to the R15. Except the price tag, Honda has done everything splendidly to tempt Indian customers. Rather than an entry level sportsbike, the CBR 150R repects one who wants to ride and feel like an exact sports motorbike. And the ergonomics of the machine does it all.

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No. 215/11, Vinayakanagara, Varthur, Opp to Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Gunjur Main Road, Gunjur. Karnataka

Honda menghadirkan dua pilihan warna baru dengan desain berkonsep speedy shape, yaitu Victory Black Red dan Slick Black White. Foto/Dok/Honda

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Profil Mobil Pengawal Presiden yang Terguling di Tol Jagorawi×390/195×98/data/photo/2017/04/15/4282864292.


Select Brand Select Model Select Version Select State Select Year KMs Run

Kolaborasi Seiko x BAPE Ciptakan Arloji Diving Bergaya Streetwear

  • Front Disc/Drum Size 276 mm
  • Rear Brake Type Disc
  • Front Brake Type Disc
  • Rear Disc/Drum Size 276 mm

Stripe baru juga disematkan pada kedua pilihan warna baru itu. Namun, untuk kelir lain seperti tema balap, yaitu Honda Racing Red dan Repsol Edition tetap dipertamankan.

  • Honda Activa 5G
  • TVS Jupiter
  • vs

The given price can change depending on the colour and other features like alloy wheels, disc brakes, accessories etc.

  • Tail Light LED
  • Headlight 12V 60/55W
  • Battery 12V 5Ah (MF)

Selain warna, tidak ada yang berubah lagi. Sektor jantung pacu tetap mengusung mesin 150 cc DOHC 6-percepatan, 4-valve, berpendingin cairan (liquid-cooled). Mesin itu diklaim mampu menghasilkan tenaga 13,2 kW (18 PS)/9.000 rpm dan torsi 14,4 Nm (1,47 kgf.m)/7.000 rpm.

Launched in India in March 2012. CBR 150R is not in production now. Discontinued in 2017.

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Ivan Gunawan Bicara Tren Fesyen Pria yang Sporty Look dan Free Style

669×446, 245 views Honda CBR150R Rear 3-Quarter ‘Sports Red’

  • Jawa 42
  • Royal Enfield Classic
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  • Honda Launched The Latest Generation Of CBR 150R In Indonesia
  • Honda has launched their 150cc best seller, the CBR 150R 2017 version on the Indonesian shores. This entry level sportsbike looks super sexy. By looki…
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