How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 400D

best black and white pictures How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 400D

best black and white pictures How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 400D

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I havent done any indetailed tests, but i wouldnt think there was, when you shoot in raw, you can change the colour balance to anything anyway!I generally shoot in raw, but if i’m interested to see how something will look B&W while being out with camera, i give it a shot in B&W.Personal prefrence i guess!! ages ago (permalink)

Hi my friend also has a 400d and has found the black and white function on the 400d I cant seem to get this.. anyone got step by step guide? as he does not have his camera to remember what to do!? Regards Nadine 3:49PM, 31 March 2008 PDT (permalink)

just got second hand camera and i need to press the shutter button twice to get…

Just to say – Hi there! – I’ve joined the group as I have just acquired a 400d…

There are two methods to access Picture Style. Each works the same way, and the methods are common to most Canon EOS models.

Press the down-arrow button. The Picture Style list appears on the LCD screen.

Is there any difference in the final result between shooting in b&w and taking away saturation when processing the RAW/jpg? ages ago (permalink)

If you are not use to shooting in RAW, then shoot in monochrome. If you shoot in RAW, it is a mute point because you process the image anyway. ages ago (permalink)

the best way it’s convert your photos whit a photomanipulation prog because if u look your “natural” photo or a black white photo shot with your camera can see the difference of details 🙂 See you ^^ ages ago (permalink)

thnks for replies.. I just couldntwork it out 😀 ages ago (permalink)

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exactly that 🙂 Originally posted ages ago. (permalink) able rice edited this topic ages ago.

Agreed with everyone, B&W after taking is better, gives a lot more freedom. ages ago (permalink)

Hello all EOS 400D people, I am a complete newbie to photography, but have h…

Another way to do B&W is to shoot in colour then convert the colour image to RGB. You now have 3 B&W images and you can select the image that most suits what you are looking for. Hope this helps ages ago (permalink)

Hi there, 400D buddies! Just got my first dSLR, the fantastic 400D, and havin…

Hi all , this may sound an odd subject but has anybody suffered or heard of anyb…

One drawback with using Picture Style on-camera is the possibility of forgetting to change back to color mode. Many image editing applications can turn color photos into black-and-white after shooting, and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional ships with your camera, or, if you’ve misplaced your disk, you can download it from Canon’s support website.

Turn it on! Press the ‘set’ button, located in the centre of the circle like thing on the back! and select ‘monochrome’hope that helps!! ages ago (permalink)

Anyone on here use a 400D with a Lens Baby? If so, which one? Im thinking ab…

Click File on the menu bar and Save As from the drop-down list. Name your black-and-white photo and click Save. You now have both the color original and the black-and-white copy.

Shooting in black-and-white with any Canon EOS requires a simple change to the Picture Style setting, available in the camera’s menus. It’s also possible to shoot in full color and convert your images to black-and-white using software supplied with your camera.

Using Digital Photo Professional to Convert to Black-and-White

Hola Soy nuevo en el grupo, espero aprender y mejorar mis fotos participando en…

Hi ,my name is Tony,i’m new to this group.Been taking photo’s since September,an…

ello wots the best settings to use to take pictures of wildlife. my auto is maki…

Hello, Yesterday I ordered a Canon 400D. The camera is coming with a …

Press the Menu button, and then use the right-arrow button to the right of the LCD screen to scroll through the menu pages until you find Picture Style. Use the down-arrow button to highlight the item.

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Click on the Adjust image colors tab. Click and drag the Saturation slider all the way to the left. The color is removed from your photo, leaving a black-and-white image.

Open Digital Photo Professional and navigate to the folder containing photos to convert. Double-click the image to open the editor.

This is Matthew from the Community Team at Flickr HQ. With all the recent cha…

Press the Set button to access the Picture Style list, and use the down-arrow button to highlight Monochrome. Press the Set button again to select monochrome operation, and then press the Menu button to exit menu mode. Your camera is ready to shoot in black-and-white.

@luis: I personally prefer to convert to b&w when converting the RAW of JPEG as this gives you more control over your black and white, by controlling the balance between colours when converting etc… For portrait though as there’s generally not that many colours if i want them b&w i sometimes do it straight on the camera with a personalised monochrome set, I like my b&w to be a bit warm and not “truly” b&w =) ages ago (permalink)

Press the down-arrow button to cycle through the Picture Style options until you find Monochrome. Press the Set button to select monochrome operation, and your camera is ready to shoot in black-and-white.

Take your image into Photoshop then apply a channel mixer layer. You can then create your black and white image by mixing the different channels to achieve the best results. ages ago (permalink)

How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 400D