How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 600D

best black and white pictures How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 600D

best black and white pictures How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 600D

Canon t3i shooting in black and white
Canon eos rebel t3i this is the camera im using for this article
How to shoot black and white photos in camera
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Canon eos 600d
Canon eos 600d
Canon eos 600d
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Miniature grainy black and white and fish eye within the same editing menu youll also find options to protect rotate rate and resize your images
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Just set a black and white picture style but keep the file type set to raw. See this post for more information: Do different “Picture styles” affect RAW output?

Click on the Adjust image colors tab. Click and drag the Saturation slider all the way to the left. The color is removed from your photo, leaving a black-and-white image.

Click File on the menu bar and Save As from the drop-down list. Name your black-and-white photo and click Save. You now have both the color original and the black-and-white copy.

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This method will automatically take pictures in black and white. You won’t be able to change it back to color.

After taking a series of shots in color, just access the MENU, highlight the Playback tab (play icon) and then select Creative Filters. Select an image you want to apply the filter to and press SET. Then select the ‘Grainy B/W’ creative filter.

Use the left and right arrows to adjust the B/W effect then press SET. Select ‘OK’ to save a copy of the image, leaving you with a colored version and a B&W version. Change your Picture style to Monochrome

Press the Menu button, and then use the right-arrow button to the right of the LCD screen to scroll through the menu pages until you find Picture Style. Use the down-arrow button to highlight the item.

Press the down-arrow button to cycle through the Picture Style options until you find Monochrome. Press the Set button to select monochrome operation, and your camera is ready to shoot in black-and-white.

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The T3i offers a couple different ways to capture images in black and white…

One drawback with using Picture Style on-camera is the possibility of forgetting to change back to color mode. Many image editing applications can turn color photos into black-and-white after shooting, and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional ships with your camera, or, if you’ve misplaced your disk, you can download it from Canon’s support website.

Rotate the mode dial to P, Tv, Av or M. Program mode (P) is most similar to Auto mode. Press the down arrow and a list of ‘Picture Styles’ will appear. From this list select Monochrome then pressSET Change the Ambience Selection to B/W

Press the Set button to access the Picture Style list, and use the down-arrow button to highlight Monochrome. Press the Set button again to select monochrome operation, and then press the Menu button to exit menu mode. Your camera is ready to shoot in black-and-white.

This method is more involved, but it ensures you have a colored version and a B&W version.

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Press the down-arrow button. The Picture Style list appears on the LCD screen.

Open Digital Photo Professional and navigate to the folder containing photos to convert. Double-click the image to open the editor.

Rotate the mode dial to CA, Portrait, Landscape, Sports or Night Portrait. Press the Q button and then the Up/Down arrows to highlight ‘Standard Setting’. Then use the Left/Right arrows to select Monochrome Press the Down arrow to select the ‘Effect’ bar and then the Left/Right arrows again to select B/W

Using Digital Photo Professional to Convert to Black-and-White

Shooting in black-and-white with any Canon EOS requires a simple change to the Picture Style setting, available in the camera’s menus. It’s also possible to shoot in full color and convert your images to black-and-white using software supplied with your camera.

I would like to shoot black and white images using my 600D / Rebel T3i. I would like the LCD to display a black and white image, but I would like to capture the image as a full-colour RAW file.

There are two methods to access Picture Style. Each works the same way, and the methods are common to most Canon EOS models.

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The canon EOS 600D has an option, in the AV mode, to change the camera from colour to black and white (I.E monochrome). This will also allow you to enable it for shooting in RAW, JPEGs, or both at the same time.

How To Take Black And White Photos Canon 600D