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Ktm Duke 200 Black And White Images.

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Ktm duke 200 launched an introductory price of rs 117500
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The 2017 KTM range has done nothing but painted the town orange since yesterday! Here’s what the baby Duke 200 in its 2017 avatar has in offer.

VariantPriceSpecs 200 Duke Standard ₹ 1,49,491 (Ex-showroom, Mumbai) Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels

About KTM Duke 200 Versions KTM Duke 200 Questions KTM Duke 200 Mileage KTM Duke 200 Videos KTM Duke 200 Reviews KTM Duke 200

Our review of the 2017 KTM Duke 200 at Bajaj’s test track at Chakan.

Bajaj has decided to setup an assembly plant in Indonesia where it will assemble several KTM bikes. This decision was taken after the country responded well to the Austrian brand. 

2017 KTM Duke 200 : 0 to 60 – 0 to 100 Speed Test : PowerDrift

Three bikes. Three completely different flavours. One’s a street naked; another a supermoto (or sorts); and the third a cruiser (or at least that’s what they will have us believe). But, yes, three very different takes for what is essentially the same need – the need for…

When i owned this bike.It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.I gifted this bike myself at the age of 18 .After that when started riding bike from that to till now,it has been a very very great full for me..Duke 200 is the best bike in her segment. It looks

The best bike i rode till now. No other Indian bikes have the power as ktm. The power along with the control makes it as best bike. Guys blindly u can choose this bike u will love it. The craziness when you drive this bike will be priceless.It got a good mileage too. It

The 2017 year model KTM 200 Duke has been updated, but the only mechanical change is its compliance with the BS4 emission norms. The power and torque figures remain the same, and the rest of the differences are cosmetic. The paint schemes are different, with three new ones in the lineup, and the wheels are orange. The price has remained exactly the same, making it more value than before; it remains the most value when you consider performance for your buck, but if you’re in the market for something that can do relaxed motoring, look elsewhere.The price of the KTM 200 Duke starts at Rs 1.44 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai).

Straight from the track! Here’s how quickly the 2017 KTM Duke 200 accelerates.

Benelli TNT 25 vs KTM Duke 200 vs Mahindra Mojo: Comparison Test

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Versions Questions (101) Mileage (66) Videos (1) Reviews (19) Photos (9)

200 Duke key highlights Price ₹ 1,49,491 Top speed135 Kmph Mileage35 kmpl Colours Orange Black White

ARAI certifiedARAI is a research association under GOI responsible for verifying mileage data for every bike sold in India.

KTM 200 Duke Price – ₹ 1,49,491 onwards (Ex-showroom, Mumbai). It is available in 1 version – Standard. See price of 200 Duke in top cities: Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Overview Expert Reviews Colours Similar Bikes Mileage Specs Price User Reviews News Videos Used

 5All about ktm duke 200.Best in segment 2 days ago by Shubham Sathe

I always wanted one ktm in my garage and this beast was perfect for me buying it was the best decision ever, talking about riding experience duke has never let me down its smooth and comfortable and also looks good its signature look the orange is my favourite maintena

When KTM India launched, the new 390 Duke and the 250 Duke last year, the Indian motorcycle enthusiasts had a reason to rejoice. But the entry-level 200 Duke just got some minor cosmetic changes to keep it relevant in the market. But looks like the 200 Duke might finally…

The KTM Duke 200 in its 2017 avatar is here. We took the youngest of the Duke siblings out for a ride to tell you how it rides.

It was only yesterday that we talked about the upcoming KTM 390 Adventure which was spied testing somewhere in Europe. Now, we’ll talk about its bigger sibling, the 790 Adventure that was showcased to a closed group.

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Price by cities (Ex-showroom price) Bangalore ₹ 1,84,735 Mumbai ₹ 1,71,036 Pune ₹ 1,72,679 New Delhi ₹ 1,67,772 Chennai ₹ 1,68,950 Kolkata ₹ 1,70,158 Hyderabad ₹ 1,70,034 Chandigarh ₹ 1,56,756 Ahmedabad ₹ 1,63,997

Used KTM 200 Duke bikes in India Used KTM 200 Duke bikes in Bangalore

The 2017 year model KTM 200 Duke has been updated, but the only mechanical change is its compliance with the BS4 emission norms. The power and torque figures remain the same, and the rest of the differences are cosmetic. The paint schemes are different, with three new ones in the lineup, and the wheels are orange.

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