Makeup For A Black And White Photoshoot

best black and white pictures Makeup For A Black And White Photoshoot

best black and white pictures Makeup For A Black And White Photoshoot

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Black and white photos are incredible and look super chic, but do you know how to do makeup for black and white photos? It’s so much different and something as simple as picking out a red shade over something neutral can make your look much darker than you may have intended. If you love black and white photos and want to know how to do makeup for black and white photos, take a look below! I’ve got all of the makeup tips that will make you look beautiful and vogue in your B&W photos!

Apply a matte foundation without sun block. Choose foundation a shade lighter than your skin to achieve contrast between your skin and your features.

Darker BronzerElegant SimplicityVibrant or Dark LipstickNo Foundation with SPFMatte Formula

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Line your eyes and apply mascara. Work toward a contrast between your skin and your features. Dark shadow colors will turn up black in your picture, so choose slightly softer shades.

Contrast and definition make for beautiful black and white photographs.

With a black and white photo, you want things to be elegant, so you generally want to go with something simple – unless you are looking for dramatic. I always go with lighter shades and I always try to keep it elegant and simple. A classic look can really go a long way in black and white pictures! Remember, makeup for black and white photos is totally different than what you wear in colored photos, so picking simple yet elegant might be your best bet!

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Line your lips with a red liner and fill in with similarly colored matte lipstick. The darker the red, the darker your lips will appear in the picture. The goal is a high contrast between your skin and your lips.

Black and white photography records colors on a gray scale. Balancing color and definition with contrast is the key to beautiful black and white pictures. Without color to draw the eye away from flaws, every shadow shows up in these pictures. However, gray-scale pictures tend to even and flatter any skin tone.

Define your face with a bronzer. Brush the bronzer under your cheekbones and at your temples. Use a soft blush color to avoid dark streaks on your cheeks.

Makeup For A Black And White Photoshoot