Nature In Black And White Story And Pictures

June 6, 2018 8:13 am by columnblogger
In the hands and eyes of a master photographer black and white can tell you a completely different story than the same image in color
A black and white primer preview
Nature In Black And White Story And Pictures

Nice light during the clearing storm of an often-photographed location.

I like that many of you tried to include human beings in your definition of nature. Of these pictures, the ones that worked best for me had a small figure in the frame that seemed to blend in or be an accent. The theme of human oneness with nature is an important one but hard to convey without sending a mixed message.

Underwater photographs in black and white accentuate the form because they eliminate the usual blueness of a color image. Sometimes this made for the feeling of a dark underworld, but they could also have a steel-grey or high-key feel as well. 

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The designs and atmospheric effect make this photo work very well in b&w. The positioning of the bird in shadow makes them stand out against a lighter background.

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Nice use of the circular form in the superwide view of the forest.

Good morning world, lets enjoy another beautiful day in this world

Like Adams, I am a native Californian familiar with the High Sierra, and some of my first successful photos were of this wilderness area. After much research, I proposed a story to National Geographic magazine on shooting the Ansel Adams Wilderness area in black and white. I wanted to pay homage to the master but not duplicate his work. The result was a magazine story published in October 2011 and a book entitled The Ansel Adams Wilderness published in April 2014. More …

Recently named one of the 40 most influential nature photographers in the world by Outdoor Photographer, Peter Essick has spent the last two decades photographing natural areas around the world, revealing in careful compositions the spiritual and emotional aspects of nature.

A frequent contributor to National Geographic, his work has …

Requirement for this photo: One Full Moon, Spring run off at the Lower Yosemite Falls and rain g…

A stargazer usually burrows itself on the sand showing only part of the face waiting for a fish t…

It was already pretty dark when I spotted that moving silhouette.

A simple, but elegant photograph that creates a great mood in b&w. The tones are well handled and the composition enhances the feeling of the uplifting theme.

The great migration of the wildebeest over the Mara River in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania

Published May 6, 2014 | View the Assignment | Features Photos From 20 Contributors

The pelicans enjoyed a sunny patch while cleaning themselves. I liked the light and their movemen…

Dramatic rendering of the iconic migration scene. The darkened corners further enhances the mood and the photographer has captured the peak action of the jump.

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The universe can speak clearly in its pure and natural state, conveying both the spirit of the past and the wonderment of the new. Black-and-white photography strips away the distractions and lets that message ring loud and clear. Show us the sacred spaces you’ve found in nature.

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A wild African leopard gazes through the dense foliage next to the Shingwedzi river in the Kruger…

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Recently named one of the 40 most influential nature photographers in the world by Outdoor Photographer, Peter Essick has spent the last two decades photographing natural areas around the world, revealing in careful compositions the spiritual and emotional aspects of nature.

A frequent contributor to National Geographic, his work has been featured in 40 articles on topics like the American wilderness, global warming, and Greenland, for which he shot a June 2010 cover story.

He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia, with his wife, Jackie, and son, Jalen.

One of my favorite shot that captured nature wilderness. The shot taken when i was at Tanjung Les…

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While taking some photos in a field with my Granddaughter she got a little ahead of me and i sta…

In the 1920s and ’30s, Ansel Adams expanded nature photography by infusing a personal point of view into his images of the Sierra Nevada. He called this approach an “extract” of nature, the result of making a photograph that contained all that he saw and felt about the scene. Adams still depicted nature as primarily a Garden of Eden, even as development started to take hold in the American West.

Its a photograph of a dragon fly which was resting on the leaves in my garden during the retreati…

Recently, I discovered Ansel Adams’s book Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail, which showcases the stunning wilderness of California’s Sierra Nevada. Adams’s photos immediately struck me as simple yet elegant compositions; his straightforward black-and-white approach perfectly complements the purity of the mountains. These images left an indelible impression on me.

I wanted to pass along some general thoughts after looking at the submissions of the last couple of days. I have seen many excellent images, but I am looking particularly for nature images that work better in black and white than in color. Or at least are dramatic depictions of nature in black and white. Usually this means subjects where the form, light and design are the dominant elements. One tip I could suggest is to set your LCD display on your camera to monochrome so that you can see how the photo will look in black and white as you are shooting.

We are no where in front of nature. This image is a composite of nine original photos stitched t…

Pictures of a hunt or kill are more menacing to me in black and white. Textures or patterns in nature are a difficult subject to do well. Careful composition is key, but the quality of light makes the difference between an average photo and a keeper.

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There also were many excellent wildlife submissions, the best of which either struck a nice mood or recorded a unique behavior. Wildlife in black and white can be striking, and after looking at your submissions I am surprised it’s not seen very often in publications and in galleries. 

With a final tally of over 21,000 submissions, I think it’s safe to say that nature photography in black and white is alive and well in the digital age. As would be expected of National Geographic readers, the submissions were of a broad scope and of a high quality. I appreciate that many of you admire the unique attributes of the fine black-and-white photograph as championed by Ansel Adams. An intimate landscape of natural vegetation or foaming surf can still be exquisite when seen through fresh eyes. 

If you’d like to learn more about photography through a hands-on experience, join me for a Yosemite National Park Photo Expedition or check out these other National Geographic Yosemite trips.

The best flower in the world … my bias as I have lived amongst them most of my life.

Today we have a different view of nature than the early photographers, and it by necessity requires a different approach. We now know that all aspects of nature are interconnected and that humans can impact nature in a detrimental way. Also, lesser known natural areas like a park in a city or a reclaimed industrial area can be ecologically important and beautiful in their own way. The field of nature photography can now be expanded to include all of Earth, an exciting prospect to discover and enjoy.

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One of my most recent images of a Green turtle gliding through the sand that has been thrown up f…

In picking my favorites, I tried to strike a balance between those images that took full advantage of the black-and-white medium and those that were all-around pleasing in their visual presentation. I enjoyed very much seeing places I’ve visited, as well as place I’ve never been or didn’t know about, through so many different and diverse viewpoints. For me, nature is a subject matter with no limits for a photographer with clear eyes and a receptive heart. I hope you feel the same.

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Nature as a subject matter has been present since the beginning of photography. William Henry Jackson and Carleton Watkins carried huge cameras out into the wilderness as part survey expeditions. They depicted nature as a Garden of Eden, and their photographs were used as tools to protect extraordinary landscapes as national parks for future generations.

beautiful, tones, textures and composition of a simple flower still life.

This month’s Your Shot assignment is a chance to channel your inner Ansel Adams and shoot nature in black and white. Many of his photographs of nature are beautiful compositions that elevate form by reducing a scene to its elemental components. Adams called this method extracts, a way to turn landscape photography into an avenue for personal expression.

Peering out from a Neem (Azadirachta indica) tree cavity this Spotted Owlet (Athene brama) , a co…

Nice rendering of the moonbow. Without showing any starry sky, it still carries the mood of night and works surprisingly well in b&w.

Of the many lightning photographs submitted to date, this one stands out. The lightning emitting from above and below the cloud is stunning and more even feels more powerful in b&w.

Day after an all-day snow-fall. This morning the weather was better already, but changing; clouds…

I like to “paint” using my camera as a brush! Walking around the lake,I have noticed how the ligh…

“Me salpicas con espumas inundadas de misterios de otros tiempos y distancias, con lamentos de pr…

Black-and-white photography is a departure from the reality we see every day, so this quality helps to carry the viewer away to a different world and create an emotional effect of the experience. Many of the best images also took advantage of the extraordinary qualities of the digital sensor to capture scenes difficult to record with the naked eye.

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An aerial of the delta of River Fulakvisl and Lake Hvitarvatn in the icelandic highlands. The riv…

#yosemite #night #earthcanvas #moonrise #protecttheselands #landscapes

Many of the photographs that I have seen could have benefited by better toning in photoshop or another image management program before submitting. The controls available in the digital darkroom are very powerful and will make all the difference in turning a standard photograph into one that is really stunning and special. If possible, I would recommend shooting in RAW format and then converting the image to black and white. At the time of the conversion, it is possible to adjust the red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow pixels into darker or lighter shades of grey. This is the equivalent to using a yellow or red filter, as Ansel Adams did with black and white film, only we now have much more subtle and powerful controls available. Then use the controls of burning and dodging to darken elements that are not as important and lighten those elements where you want the path of the eye to focus. Small adjustments in the digital darkroom can go a long way.

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Incredibly entertaining japanese macaques in the hot spring near Nagano, Japan

The final aspect to remember is to make sure that the cropping includes exactly what is necessary, and nothing more. This is the same in black and white or color, but is very important nonetheless. Bright or distracting elements are most evident along the edges of your rectangular frame. Make a final check of all four sides and see if you notice anything that detracts from the main subject. If you take a little extra time, it is possible to have beautiful print quality of all your digital submissions.

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Moon rising over Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park – I was out in Yosemite for Christmas …

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