Best photography books of 2015 and some honorable mentions
10 of the best books about landscape photography
The Best Black And White Photography Book

The Best Black And White Photography Book The Best Black And White Photography Book

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The Blue and Gray in Black and White: A History of Civil War Photography

You might first think that Advanced Digital Black & White Photography would be a narrow subject field. But when you begin to read this clever and informative book, you soon realise that this is not the case. The book is in five sections, beginning with taking the shots, then moving through to converting images to black and white, fine tuning your images, digital image work flows and presentation issues. In this updated second edition, it seems that if something is wroth knowing about the…

Black Marble Dot Journal A5: Dot Grid Notebook A5, 140 Dotted Pages, Marble Design, Softcover (Marble Dotted Notebook) (Volume 1)

The Photographer’s Black and White Handbook: Making and Processing Stunning Digital Black and White Photos

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Images of Plademunt’s red blood cells follow portraits and landscapes. A giant snake’s head is followed by a car park filled with empty containers. An enormous dead fly sits opposite a slightly open door. The book has a sinister feel at times, the sequence of images often uncomfortable. It’s a book that pushes the boundaries of photographic tradition and practices, which kept me fascinated with each page I turned.

This is every photography lover’s book of the year. It’s a masterpiece. I can say no more.

101 Top Tips for Black and White Digital Photography is a well organised and easy to follow book about converting and taking good black and white images in a digital age. The book mainly focuses on turning your existing photos into black and white images, and how this can be more complicated than you think. There are many different ways to turn a photograph black and white, and this book gives you 101 tips on doing this successfully using an image editing software. You are encouraged to u…

Memory city is a book covering photographer Alex Webb’s journey across Rochester, New York. With his last rolls of the now discontinued Kodak Kodachrome film, he took images of Rochester, New York in what may be the last days of film as we know it. Kodachrome used to be a vibrant colour film, that can now only be processed as black and white. The resulting images have a weathered quality, like the fading memories of the film era. Along with the black and white images, Alex also took…

Veins by Anders Petersen and Jacob Aue Sobol (Dewi Lewis, £28)

Black & White Artistry: The Creative Photographer’s Guide to Interpreting Places and Spaces

Hashtag365 is a collection of the best images from Netherlands photographers and friends Sjoerd Spendel and Lennart de Jong. Three years ago, the pair promised each other that they would take a photo every day for one year. After posting some of the images on their Tumblr account, the pair quickly gathered worldwide interest, making their Tumblr page the biggest one in the Netherlands. This is some feat, and the images in Hashtag365 really shows the talents and creativity of both Spendel…

Iris Garden by John Cage and William Gedney, edited by Alec Soth ( Little Brown Mushroom)

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I am completely blown away by this atlas of the surface of Mars. Who isn’t in awe of the universe? I still remember camping out the night of the first moonwalk. Xavier Barral has trawled through tens of thousands of images taken by the MRO probe Hirise camera that was launched into orbit by Nasa in 2005 to document the surface of this magical planet. Stunning, curious and abstract images of the planet’s surface reveal its three-billion-year history. Extraordinary images of the dunes of Noachis Terra and Velles Marineris canyons are breathtaking. This book is a perfect marriage of science and art. This is an extraordinary book, and takes photographs of the earth from above to a new level. This is a giant leap for a photo book and makes you wonder if perhaps there is someone out there photographing us.

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Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual Third Revised Edition

Sergio Larrain – Vagabond Photographer (Thames & Hudson, £65)

Jacob Aue Sobol’s iconic book Sabine, his documentary of his relationship with his Inuit girlfriend, is one of my favourite photo books of the past 10 years. In this new book the great Swedish photographer Petersen joins his protégé Sobol to produce a raw, gritty visual journey. Veins is split into two halves that share a grainy, stark, black and white, often grim reality. Both photographers share themes of nudity, animals, stark grimy interiors and the inhabitants from society’s fringe. This is a treat for lovers of a harsh aesthetic. Hats off to Dewi Lewis for publishing a genuinely important little book.

I love the fact that not only is Sevincli’s book Good Dog made as a tribute to the legendary Daido Moryama’s 1971 image Stray Dog but it is also the locals’ nickname for the neighbourhood in Istanbul in which Sevincli lives. I love the scratched-up blown-out surface, the nearly dead cockroach, a punk’s shredded tights and a fly on a super-grainy window. It has stark, raw images with an aesthetic shared by Anders Peterson. The book is darkly seductive – even the paper surface is sexy to the touch – and has a dark narrative, which really drew me into its spell. The images are disquieting and I share Sevincli’s fears and questions of the environment he is photographing.

Beautiful Creatures: A Grayscale Adult Coloring Book of Animals

Animals Grayscale Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book with 50 Beautiful Photos of Animals for Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Colorists

I was having a coffee with the photo aficionado Sean O’Hagan and he suggested I rush to my computer and buy a copy of The Absence of Myth, a dinky self-published book by Tereza Zelenkova. Its arrival was a delight. This young photographer (an ex-MA student at the Royal College of Art) beautifully combines texts and pictures. Inspired in part by Georges Bataille’s writings on surrealism, The Absence of Myth, published in 1945, Zelenkova’s dark visual references, such as Sigmund Freud’s chair, are confusing and complex but also a pleasure to consume. I will take the next few months fathoming it out.

Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Black and White is your all round guide to the world of black and white photography. Michael Freeman is an acclaimed photographer that has already written four guides in this style that are ideal for those wishing to learn more about a certain area of photography. These books are written with the student of photography in mind, and includes challenges after each technique description for you to home in your skills. The book introduces you to students, that…

This is Mars – Photographs by NADA/MRO, edited by Xavier Barral (Aperture, £50)

The pages of Spasibo, which means ‘thank you’ in Russian, is for me filled with ghosts. Davide Monteleone has travelled widely though the Caucasus since 2001 and clearly has a real understanding and connection to the region. This monograph examines the history of violence between Chechen separatists and Moscow and the impact it’s had on the structure of Chechnya both physically and emotionally. But the gloomy post conflict images are mixed with more upbeat moments of a new Chechnya, family parties, smart cars and portraits of beautiful young women on their wedding day. It’s a perfectly produced book filled with haunting, bleak images of darkness but it also shows the strength and endurance of these remarkable people.

Photo Design: Picture Composition for Black and White Photography

I had often wondered why Alec Soth named his publishing house Little Brown Mushroom. John Cage, the composer, who died in 1992, was a keen mycologist and I learnt that Cage spent as much time identifying mushrooms as he did composing. This beautiful little book housed in a slipcase and sensitively edited by Soth combines 44 photos by William Gedney (1832-1989) and 22 of John Cage’s stories. Gedney’s archival images are intricately placed within the book with folds and layers indicative of the complexities of Cage’s music. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed, this book is an absolute delight. Since writing this Iris Garden has sold out, but find it if you can as it is a treat.

The Complete Guide to Black & White Digital Photography (A Lark Photography Book)

From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known to Man (Voices That Matter)

The Big Grayscale Colouring Book: Mallorca: Colouring book for adults featuring greyscale photos.

The Self in Black and White: Race and Subjectivity in Postwar American Photography (Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture)

Relationship Portraits: Capture Emotion in Black & White Photography

Vampires: A Grayscale Coloring Book with Sexy Vampire Women, Dark Fantasy Romance, and Haunting Gothic Scenes for Relaxation

Digital Masters: B&W Printing: Creating the Digital Master Print (A Lark Photography Book)

Flowers Grayscale Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book with 50 Beautiful Photos of Flowers for Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Colorists

The Absense of Myth by Tereza Zelenkova (self-published, £20)

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A Show Of Hands is a book full of images of people’s hands. You might immediately think that this an odd port of the body to take images with. Usually we go for someone’s face, or use the environment they’re set in to tell a story about them. But when looking through this book you’ll be surprised how much someone’s hands say about their life. Photographs of tradesmen and ordinary people’s hands are mingled in with those of celebrities, including the likes of Jonny Wilkinson, Sir Ranulph …

Monochromatic HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing Black & White High Dynamic Range Photos

‘Asylum of the Birds’ is the newest collection of works from acclaimed photographer Roger Ballen. All the works in this book are taken in the confines of a house in a Johannesburg suburb, the location of which is kept secret. Ballen’s work is a surreal mix of art, installations and photography, combining together to create something undefined, which will not be pigeon holed as it were into any single genre, and is more of a conglomeration of several different types of work rolled into on…

Advanced Black-and-White Photography (Kodak Workshop Series)

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Creative Black and White: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Clare Strand is an artist who often works with everyday objects to produce complex conceptual imagery. Her latest book of table skirts works for me as I find in the evocative portraits both the sad and the comical. The staged images bring to mind a coffin, a table setting for the Last Supper or a magician’s table. I wonder what’s hidden beneath the skirts. The table skirts are shot from the same position, lit as icons. I can’t pretend to understand the complexity of the works but there is a dark resonance to the series that I find compelling.

Defrosting of the crests of Inca Cit y © NASA/JPL/The University of Arizona/Éditions Xavier Barral

Black and White Photography books of the year Cheryl Newman chooses her favourite black and white photography books

Mastering Black-and-White Photography: From Camera to Darkroom

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This book by Berlin based Irish photography James Clancy is called Border Country. The title derives from a name that James uses for his uneasy condition of heart and mind that possesses him from time to time. The book has a short two page introduction (in German and English) to explain his mind set and the photos that follow. And what follows is a wonderful collection of black & white images of decaying woodland and derelict buildings recorded with attention to the finest of details. So…

Cinematic Portraits is a book all about creating photos with the look of classic Hollywood photography. The book begins with a little of the history of film noir, giving you an idea of why the portraits from the time looked as they did. It’s all about creating a mood and telling a story with the image. Many different types of lighting effect can be used to give the feel of the genre, and these are listed along with a set up diagram and what you’re aiming to achieve. The next chapter …

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30-minute Coloring Pages for Adults: Simple Quick & Easy Coloring Patterns that You Can Finish in Only 30 Minutes or Less (Mini Coloring Book for Grownups) (Volume 1)

Lovely Cats – A Grayscale Coloring Book that Opens the Door for Creative Expression (The Lovely Series) (Volume 2)

The Black And White Photography Field Guide is a compact and easy to carry book that is designed to be used out on the shoot. Photography maestro Michael Freeman has produced many great photography books, and this one is no different. The book starts off with a chapter on the black and white tradition, covering the history of photography, and leading on to the photographer’s choice between black and white, structure and tonal nuance of black and white photography. Freeman then moves on t…

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I had to include this groovy stylish book by the unknown photographer Billy Monk. Monk’s rich and varied career included safecracker, smuggler and Woolworths model, and he also had a spell in prison. Monk was a bouncer at the notorious Catacombs nightclub in the rough dock area of Cape Town in the 1960s when he came up with a scam to photograph the eclectic mix of customers and sell them the images. What Monk produced is one of the finest and most honest documents of the nightclub scene. A table filled with half-full bottles of Coca-Cola, identically dressed bouffant-haired twins and a kissing couple sitting in the detritus of this grimy club interior are remarkably seductive. The images are cool, intimate and honest and have a raw beauty. Monk’s images were discovered years later but tragically Monk would never see his work exhibited. In 1982 he was fatally shot in the chest on the way to the gallery.

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