Tumblr Photography Girl Hijab Black And White

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Arabic headpiece old silver bracelets black hijab niqab
Tumblr Photography Girl Hijab Black And White

Yousef presses a hesitant kiss to your hijab, and you can’t help but smile to yourself. Gosh, how can you be so cute? But then you remember you’re still at home, with Elias next door, and that’s what makes you gently disengage yourself from Yousef.

“Are you alright, little sister?”, he asks, and now you’re worried. Your brother is never this nice without a reason, and usually, the reason for him being shy means either trouble or big trouble.

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“Are you hungry?” you ask him, and Yousef’s already broad smile gets even broader.

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A completely un-Sana-ish squeal of joy escapes your mouth and you punch the air with your fist. But then you remember who you are and clear your throat and take a few deep breaths. Play it cool, Sana!

Qajar, Iran, Shadi Ghadirian, 1998Gelatin-silver bromide print

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For a few seconds, both of you just stand there, smiling at each other like idiots, not knowing what to do. But then, Yousef sighs and walks up to you, hesitantly wrapping both arms around your shoulders. You bury your face at his neck and put your arms around him, too, breathing him in.

“I’m free tonight. Gotta drop off my bags at home but I can pick you up at seven?”

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His voice is cheerful and broken at the same time, but the smile spreading on his face is so warm and gentle you can’t help smiling back.

Your brother grins again and inclines his head. “I guess I did.”

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The video is pretty good. The boys discuss Isak’s and Even’s relationship and what it was like for them to come out. Elias does a pretty decent job of explaining how he never understood why anyone’s love for someone else could be wrong and the proud smile on Even’s face while he listens to him makes your heart soar.

You just finished your Salah when your heart jumps a little for no apparent reason. Rushing over to your desk to grab your phone, you almost laugh at yourself. It’s exactly 17:25, and you can feel your cheeks blush and your heartbeat accelerate. Trying to breathe steadily, you just stand there, staring at your phone, feeling more like an idiot with every passing second.


Looking down at your feet, you let out a soundless “faen”, but a high-pitched giggle makes you look up in shock. Elias is leaning in the doorframe, still giggling and pointing at you.

Elias turns on his heel and checks his phone. “40 minutes”, he remarks, and you almost groan again. “You could join me to watch our latest video, that will make time pass a little faster?”

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Elias just shrugs and grins broadly. “Hey, I could give you shit for dating one of my friends, just remember.”

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My edit surah At tin (the fig) Plz do not remove/rearrange the photos or crop my name out, Jazakallahu khairan ❤️

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Skin, created by blogger Habiba Da Silva, has answered our call for a full flesh-tone range of hijabs for women and men. Da Silva, who’s of Lebanese and Brazilian heritage, hopes her designs paint a picture of “a bond between people from different backgrounds and cultures.” 

You narrow your eyes and cross your arms again. “Elias, I don’t need you to play matchmaker, seriously!”

“When is he coming?”, Elias asks, making you shove him slightly, biting your lower lip.

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The door opens and Elias peeks into your room, an unusually shy grin on his face.

But when you hear the front door open and Elias’ and Yousef’s voices as they greet each other enthusiastically, you decide to give up. With a groan, you open the door to your room and run across the apartment to the hallway.

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So in the last couple of months I did this thing on my Instagram account where I would redraw pictures on my feed from the people I follow. It’s super hard to commit as per usual but I did it in the span of time I promised! Hahahaha! So here are the results!

You scrunch up your nose after hitting send. Too desperate? But you barely have a minute to panic before you get another text.

“So what?”, you snap at him, unable to stop yourself from smiling at the thought of seeing Yousef later.

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Because I haven’t posted my photography in a while. Follow my photography page on Instagram? @shotsby_q

You study his face, trying to find evidence that he’s pulling your leg. When you don’t find any, you cross your arms in front of your chest and give your brother the tiniest of smiles.

You get to your feet and walk over to him, feeling panic rise in your throat.

“We got Isak AND Even to join us this time, it’s really awesome!”, Elias adds, and that actually piques your interest.

He wrote it in his text before, but hearing him say it is so much better. You pull him a little closer and lean your head on his shoulder.

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Soooo. Whenever i wear an abaya,  I dont wear anything except for a bra and undie  underneath

White girl wearing booty shorts and a crop top: I feel SO hot. I could start melting any moment now. Me, wearing a top with an extra full sleeved one underneath, a headscarf, and jeans: hahahaha ya u could

“It’s good to be back”, he whispers and puts a hand to the back of your head. “I missed you.”


this beautiful classy woman FEEEEYA ( i call her Beyonce 😜) is my number one inspiration ! i love her style she’s so trendy so i wanted to share with you guys (who knows her or who don’t) this pictures of her in my next post’s (my favorite outfits of her) 😊

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Yousef stares at him and then nods wordlessly, looking back at you.

Just when your heart is back to beating at a normal pace, there’s a knock on your door, making you frown. The only person who usually knocks before barging into your room is your dad, and he’s definitely still at work. So you hesitate for a second before calling: “Yes?”

Went back to The Golestan Palace a few days ago And all I can say is that I haven’t had enough

But then, just as the time code on your phone changes to 17:26, a message bubble pops up, making you gasp involuntarily.

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My edit. May Allah guide us and protect us from this fitnah, ameen.

After the video is over, you discuss it with your brother for a while, almost forgetting why you sat down with him. But then, the doorbell rings and your insides turn to ice.

Eid Mubarak from the Dahir Sisters ❤ Ig// Thedahirsisters :))

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“Hi”, you breathe and throw a sideway glare at your brother. Get lost, damn it.

“My sister is in love”, he states, and you throw your hands in the air and open your mouth to contradict him, but since he didn’t’ even ask you decide it’s no use.

The two of you smile at each other for a moment, until you remember to check the time. It’s only 18:13 and you let out an involuntary groan.

On tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, a new hijabi character was introduced. Her hijab or religion was not acknowledged, she was just a normal character like anyone else. I hope the writers treat her well!

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find love and forgiveness.

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Your brother suppresses a chuckle and bumps your shoulder with his on his way past you, and then you’re alone with Yousef.


yeah this is partly in response to that postbut i see this assumption everywhereand I am tiredthijabfeminismwhite feminismiintersectional feminismmuslim womenafrican women

“Fuuuuck” you mumble, and adjust your hijab hastily, feeling your cheeks heat up. Elias laughs and puts a hand on your shoulder.

Seeing Yousef for the first time in two months makes you stop dead in your tracks. He looks so good. Your crush is wearing white jeans and a black t-shirt, and for once he left his snapback at home. Which isn’t good because it makes you want to run your fingers through his hair and you can’t think about that, not with your brother standing between you and Yousef, grinning like a fucking idiot.

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Because Muslim people come from all regions, not just the Middle East, this blogger just created a gorgeous line of multi-skin-toned hijab

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Having checked the flight schedules way too many times that day, you know Yousef must have literally texted you right after his plane touched down, and that thought makes you smile so hard your cheeks almost hurt. You take a deep breath and then type a text back.

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So when Elias is about to walk off to the living room, you call after him. “At seven.”

the answer is nobc Mashallah I’m the cutest 😂okay real talk tho these are the cutest pictures of me ever y’all should appreciateand I’m probably going to be uploading two more photo sets with this look sooooostay tunedmeArabarab girlspalestinianhijabihijab fashionhijabi fashionoutfitsoutfit inspobrowngirlsgang

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Elias rolls his eyes and groans dramatically. “Sometimes, I just want to know how my sister is doing, Sana!”

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.. 💋💋💋💋💋

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You throw a thankful glance at him on your way back to your room, where you lean against the door and take a few deep breaths. For Pete’s get a hold of yourself.

My edit, please don’t remove my name. In sha Allah i will be doing more edits like this.

Elias’ grin grows wider, and that’s when you realise why he’s here. He knows Yousef is coming home today.

This is not a very flattering angle for me, nor is it a flattering photo. I also look fat. But it’s kinda cool I guess, idk.

You nod at him and then gently push him out of the door, closing it behind you. “Definitely . Let’s go!”

Elias clears his throat and pats Yousef’s shoulder. “Be good to my sister, eh bro?”

He tries to come across as indifferent, but the warm look in his eyes betrays him. “You’re the one who told me Yousef is the best guy you know.”

Alot of guys freak out when they find this out, and i just wanted to know if other ladies do this too. I know alot of women who do this, but who doesn’t do this is my question!

abayafashionhijabihijabhijab fashionmodestymodest hijabiblack and whitesubmission

“Historically headwear has always been used to oppress women” this couldn’t be further from the truth and I say this from my experience as an African. Whenever we buy fabric to Taylor our clothes, a piece is always cut out to be used as a headwear. Our outfit ain’t complete if we don’t have a beautiful scarf wrapped around our head in all sorts of fancy styles, if you want to look bomb you simply gotta put on your crown, it’s not something women/girls are required to do for the sake of covering up it’s just fashion for us. Please realize that different cultures have different things they view as oppressive, tying a turban or wearing caps is equally common to african men, their outfit also ain’t complete without a headwear if you watched bp you would have seen it but let’s move on. I once showed my friend a picture of the royal dressing from my culture and she looked at the “emir” ( sort of like a name for the king of the old empire) and she said is he a virgin lmao. Yes I am Muslim and I choose to wear the hijab but covering the hair isn’t something that is always a religious act, it’s as natural and normal as wearing pants for some of us.

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Right after you send the last text, time slows down until you feel it’s not passing at all. You try to take your time changing into your favourite white linen pants and black T-shirt, scrutinising your dark green abaya for any spots and then hanging it at the back of the door. Then, you consider putting on a white hijab for the occasion, but in the end, you settle for a simple black one, deciding you don’t need to make it too obvious you care about what you’re wearing. After fixing your make-up – only nude lipstick and a little mascara – you sit in front of your mirror, trying to calm yourself down.

“None of your business”, you retort, but your brother just shakes his head with a slow laugh. You hate him and love him at the same time. It doesn’t matter that he annoys you to no end and makes you want to kick him on a daily basis. At the end of the day, you know you can rely on your brother and his love for you is real. You trust each other and have each other’s backs, and that’s pretty damn amazing.

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And just when you think your heart can’t possibly beat any faster, another message comes in.

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The laugh that escapes you is not as mocking as you wish it was. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Welcome back”, you murmur quietly, and Yousef’s quiet laugh reverberates in your chest, making your knees go weak.

Elias smiles back at you, looking pleased with himself. “I told him you can’t wait to see him again, you know, so you should thank me.”

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the walking deadtwdtwd spoilersnabilaislamhijabnabeelanabillanabilahphoto post

You think about it for a moment and then decide that you may as well kill ten of forty minutes this way. Throwing up your hands in a surrendering gesture, you follow Elias down the hall. “Fine.”

iranian womeniranhijabwomen’s rightsimportantbeautifulpatriarchymisogynyfeminismtime for changei’m whitei’m canadian

But Elias puts up his hands in a defensive gesture, shushing you. “No, Sana, everything’s alright. Mum’s with her friends and dad’s at work, as usual, stop freaking out.”

Oh and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! May Allah make it a means of expiating all our sins and may He accept our fasts, ameen!

I know I know, it’s at least one month too early, but I couldn’t resist … I just had to write about Yousef coming back from Turkey and Sana not being nervous about it … like, not at all .. @isakthesnake this is for you, cause I haven’t updated my AU in ages and I want to make you smile today

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